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Scientist of the Week - Drew

Drew took Scientist of the Week to a whole new level with his outstanding presentation on the science of bubbles.  From the moment he began it was apparent that Drew knew the science behind his presentation and had followed the scientific method at home.  First, Drew invited audience participation by having them predict which of the three bubble solutions would produce a bubble that lasted the longest before popping.  After the predictions Drew tried each solution while the kinders counted the seconds between the bubble leaving the wand and popping.  Discussing the results Drew explained he had tried each solution at home 10 times recording the results of each attempt.  You can see the data behind Drew’s science presentation on our school enrichment wall Scientist of the Week display.  Way to set the bar high Drew! #sciencefairready

Collyns grew this enormous plant from one tiny seed and her Grandma read us a cute book to help us figure out what kind of plant it was.

Another First in Kindergarten!

This is the first time I have received the gift of a gigantic sunflower delivered to my classroom.  This first was courtesy of Collyns and her grandma, one of our regular classroom helpers. Collyns explained how she grew the huge plant from one tiny seed and her grandma read us a super cute foldout book explaining what this enormous plant was.  Now we have to decide... dissect it in science or leave it and see if a boy name Jack climbs down trying to escape from a giant. I love kindergarten!!!

A Visit from Dr. Chuck

Kindergarten had a very special visit today from Dr. Chuck, a children’s book author and small animal/exotics veterinarian.  Dr. Chuck talked with the kinders about what it is like to be a vet and then demonstrated how to examine a pet using our reading therapy dog, Max, as his patient. Dr. Chuck had the kinders roaring with laughter when he read his book A Hedgehog with a Sneeze.  Thank you so much Dr. Chuck!  We loved your book, coloring sheets, and having you visit us at All Saints.

Scientist of the Week - Claire

Claire did a fantastic job demonstrating and explaining the concept of density with her Ocean in a Jar project for Scientist of the Week.  The kinders enjoyed predicting what would happen with each step of the demonstration and then were amazed when Claire showed them how oil floats on water and how the blue gel food coloring sinks all the way to the bottom.  Claire expertly explained how water was more dense than oil so oils float on water and gel food coloring was the most dense and that is why it sank to the bottom.  The kinders got a kick out of watching Claire give the jar a vigorous shake mixing, for a short period of time, all the ingredients.  Then they oohed and awed when the oil began to separate out and layers were once again created in the jar.  You rocked it Claire!!

October Community Day

 Community Day is a monthly school wide event where classes are paired to learn about one of the Catholic Social Teachings.  Today was our first Community Day of the school year. The kinders were paired with their 5th grade buddies to discuss the social teaching of Dignity and Rights of Workers.  We began with a book titled Tight Times which is a story about a family going through some tough economic times that include the father losing his job.  Following the book we had a discussion about what unemployed and underemployed meant and that our Catholic Social Teachings tell us everyone deserves to have a safe place to work where they can make a livable wage so they can meet their basic needs.  We also touched on what we can do to help those who, like the family in the book, are going through "tight times."  Following the discussion the 5th graders and kinders broke up into small groups to brainstorm thoughts for a communal prayer.  Each group added a thought with the end result being a beautiful prayer for workers.