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Blog for Week of Oct. 23

The Week of October 23rd :


  • Reading Story- Jack and the Wolf & The Three Little Pigs
  • Skills- Understanding characters and story message
  • Grammar- Complete sentences
  • Phonics- Review short /a/, double final consonants, (-ll, -ck, -ss),  usage of -ck after a short vowel
  • Writing – Informative Writing: Sentences that describe (adjectives)
  • Math
  • Story problems using subtraction and labeling the story problem answer
  • Counting on from a nickel and solving story problems with nickels and pennies.
  • Deciding when we add or subtract using simple story problems
  • Use the vertical format for single digit addition and subtraction problems
  • Unit 2 Review and Test

Religion- The Holy Trinity…God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Discussion/reading that Jesus is the Son of God, who came to show the Father’s love and bring us closer to him. We will continue working on this chapter.

Science-  Pumpkins and how they grow will be our focus next week. Students will be bringing a pumpkin book home for reading. We will also be making our own fact book on pumpkins.

Social Studies - The students will learn about the symbols of the United States.


*No school – October 18, 19 & 20

*Conferences – Tuesday and Thursday of next week. Please sign up using Mrs. Margarit’s link.

*Spirit Day – Wednesday, October 25th… students may wear their marathon shirts or any other spirit wear that has All Saints on it.

First Grade Blog October 12

Week of Oct. 16-17:


  • Reading Story- We’ll be working on our end of the Unit book, “From Seed to Pumpkin”
  • Skill-Unit test
  • Grammar-Unit test
  • Phonics- Unit test
  • Writing- Writing the sequence of the pumpkin life cycle
  • We won’t have a spelling list on this short week


  • Practice with subtraction problems
  • Writing and solving subtraction problems


We will continue working on learning about how the Holy Trinity is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. 

Science- Students completed their study of the life cycle of the oak tree. Next week we will compare and contrast oak leaves to maple leaves.

Social Studies- We decided on a few service projects for our school.  We are going to pick up paper towels that are on the floor, so our bathroom stays clean.  We are also starting a new service project…twice a month we will straighten up the church to get it ready for weekend Masses.  😊

The last part of our unit on Good Citizens is to look at some American symbols and what they stand for.  We will cover Our Flag, The Pledge of Allegiance, The Statue of Liberty, The Bald Eagle and our presidents. 

Important Dates:

Friday, October 13-Book orders are due.

Wednesday, Oct.18-20-MEA break-No School

Tuesday, Oct. 24-Conferences

Thursday, Oct. 26-Conferences

**Thanks for your hard work collecting Marathon money! There is still time to send in Marathon money.  Both classes are very close to their goal!


Thank you to Officer Gast for coming to talk to us about safety, sharing some show and tell with us and letting us sit in your police car and try the lights! 

First grade students worked with 5th grade students for our Community Building activity today. The Catholic Social Teaching we focused on: Workers’ Rights and the Unemployed. “Working in the world so that all may be able to participate in God’s creation.”

Week of Oct. 9th

The Week of October 9th:


  • Reading Story- Gus Takes the Train & City Zoo
  • Skills- Story structure and fantasy
  • Grammar- Adjectives
  • Phonics- Short /u/, review consonants /z/ & /qu/
  • Writing – Narrative Writing: Class story using adjectives to describe things clearly. First, Next, and Last were used to tell the order of events.
  • Math
  • Values of nickels and pennies
  • Counting on from a nickel and solving story problems with nickels and pennies.
  • Counting on from the greater number
  • Introduction to subtraction

Religion- The Holy Trinity…God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Discussion/reading that Jesus is the Son of God, who came to show the Father’s love and bring us closer to him.

Science-  Students should be firefly experts J. Please find time to listen your child read their Firefly Fact book to you. Next week we will look at the life cycle of the oak tree.

Social Studies - The students will work with a partner to come up with solutions to solve a conflict and share them with the class.  We will also look at a service project we could do for the school.

Students also completed a class on Internet Safety.


*Get pledges for our Marathon!

*Our Marathon is Friday, Oct. 6th, 12:00-2:30. All are welcome. J

*Mission Partners will start sometime in October.

*Oct. 10th – October Birthday Celebration

*Oct. 11th – Lakeville Morning Drive Day

Oct. 13th – Farmington Drive Day

First Grade Blog-September 28

Week of Oct. 2-6:


  • Reading Story- “Lucia’s Neighborhood” and “City Mouse and Country Mouse”
  • Skill- Text and Graphic Features in stories
  • Grammar-adjectives
  • Phonics- short /e/ words, review consonants y,w,k,v, and j
  • Writing- elaborating on our sentences


  • Represent and solve addition problems with pictures
  • Addition equations
  • Introducing the = and not= signs
  • Building addition equations


Humans are the most special part of God’s creation.  Everyone must help to care for God’s gifts

Science- Students will be finishing their firefly life cycle book and sharing it with the class.

Social Studies- We will continue working on solving conflicts and begin looking at how citizens can make a difference.

Important Dates:

Wednesday, Oct. 4-Fall Pictures-uniforms aren’t necessary

Friday, Oct. 6-Marathon-12-2:30 All are welcome to walk with us

**Remember to keep gathering Marathon money.  If each class makes their goal, they will get a reward chosen by the class.  Mrs. LaBounty’s class voted on a fun Reading day with pajamas, slippers and a stuffed animal.  Mrs. Mundy’s class will be deciding their reward next week.

First Grade Blog - Sept. 21st

The Week of September 25-29:


  • Reading Story- Curious George at School
  • Skills- Sequence of Events
  • Grammar- Action Verbs
  • Phonics- Short /o/, /s/ that makes the /z/ sound, review consonants /l/ & /x/, -s as a plural
  • Writing – Narrative Writing: Sentences
  • Math
  • Even and odd numbers
  • Unit Review and Unit Test
  • Addition with simple pictures and circle drawings

Religion- The primary focus is learning that God’s world is a gift to us. We learn about God and his love by looking at the world he made.

Science-  We are learning about fireflies and completing firefly fact books.

Social Studies- We are learning about people with authority and how to solve conflicts.


*Get pledges for our Marathon!

*Fall pictures are Wednesday, Oct. 4th. Uniforms are not needed.

*Our Marathon is Friday, Oct. 6th, 12:00-2:30. All are welcome. J

*We enjoyed meeting and chatting with many of you during early conferences and parent orientation night.

*Mission Partners will start sometime in October.

May 25 Blog

Next Week:


  • We have finished our fifth reading book, so we will be working on our Benchmark Test this week.


  • Reinforcing and practicing basic addition and subtraction facts
  • Relate repeated addition to multiplication
  • Introduction to 2-digit subtraction with and without re-grouping

Religion- We talked about and did a craft to celebrate Jesus’ Ascension into heaven today.  We will finish our chapter on Baptism.

Science-  The students will be working on animal hibernation

Social Studies- We’ll be finishing our unit project, which is a poster of a good to sell.


Important Dates:

Monday, May 29-Memorial Day, No School

Monday, June 5-Field Day in the afternoon.  Make sure your child wears tennis shoes and they may bring a water bottle and sunscreen if needed that day.

Tuesday, June 6-Last day of First Grade  ☹

Week of May 22nd

Next Week:


  • Reading Story- Ben Franklin and His First Kite
  • Skills- Main Idea - Theme
  • Grammar- Pronouns
  • Phonics- Prefixes, un & re, long vowels i & o spelled in mind and hold
  • Writing – Four kinds of sentences (exclamation, command, statement, question), writing to incoming kindergarten class


  • Create and solve multiple-step story problems involving categories, 2-digit quantities, and mixed operations
  • Recognize unnecessary information in story problems, and solve using only relevant information
  • Practice solving story problems with extra information
  • Chapter 9 Review

Religion- We will continue the chapter Holy Signs. The primary focus of this chapter is identifying the Seven Sacraments as special signs and celebrations that Jesus gave his Church.

Science- Animal life cycles and start on habitats

Social Studies- We are finishing our unit on economics this week.  Next week we’ll be doing our unit project.


*Bag Buddy projects may come in as they are finished.

*Friday, May 26th – Kinder welcome and kinder Mass, Bag Buddy projects due, special guests to tell us how ice cream is made and sample the product J  

May 11 Blog

This Week:


  • Reading Story-Alexander Graham Bell, a biography of his life
  • Skills- drawing conclusions
  • Grammar-Using pronouns I and me
  • Phonics- ea making the short e sound, vowels au and aw


We are beginning Unit 9 which focuses on more complex story problems

  • Teen problems with unknow addends
  • Story problems to 100
  • Introduction to category problems
  • Multi-step addition problems
  • Stories with mixed operations


Both classes will continue to work on our chapter about Jesus our Savior.  Mrs. Mundy’s class will be working on preparing their Mass.

Science-  We will continue working on parts of a plant and their life cycle.

Social Studies-

We will look at making choices on what to buy as a consumer.  We’ll learn the vocabulary spend, save, scarcity and opportunity cost.


Important Dates:

Friday, May 12-Senior Saints Day, Mrs. LaBounty’s class Mass

***A note about Senior Saints Day***

We are asking that you have the grandparent’s sit on the pulpit side of Church (left side facing the altar) in the pews behind the first graders or the angled one right next to it, so that when they are done singing or doing their Mass part, they can easily find their grandparent.

Also, if your child doesn’t have a grandparent available to come that day, please email your child’s teacher so we can pair them up with another classmate and their grandparents.


Tuesday, May 16-Out of Uniform, Culver’s Day and Caps for Community

Friday, May 19-Mrs. Mundy’s class Mass

Blog for the Week of May 8

Next Week:


  • Reading Story- Simple Machines
  • Skills- Main Idea
  • Grammar- Pronouns
  • Phonics- diphthong /oi/ & /oy/ as in foil and boy, suffixes -er & -or
  • Writing – Sentences with pronouns & explanation of what simple machines do


  • 2-digit unknown partner addition problems using sticks and circles
  • Count on by tens and ones to find an unknown partner of 100 and one dollar
  • Practice “buying” and “selling” and making change for a dollar
  • Review for Chapter 8 Test
  • Complete Chapter 8 Test

Religion- During the next two weeks both first grade classes will be getting ready for leading our school Mass. This takes up much of our religion time and is amazing to see the students lead the liturgy! In our text, we will recognize Adam and Eve’s choice to bring sin into the world, examine God’s love for people, even when they sin and look back at Christ’s resurrection.

Science- Animals -  Students completed their large animal test. Next week we will look at life cycles.

Social Studies- We’ll see why we need producers, seller and buyers.


*Monday, May 8th – Spring Concert Rehearsal, bring a small or medium sized stuffed animal to school. This will be used in the concert.

*Tuesday, May 9th – May birthday celebration

*Wednesday, May 10th – Spring Concert, 7pm

*Thursday, May 11th – Both 1st grades visit the Book Fair. Mrs. LaBounty 10:30, Mrs. Mundy 10:00 – you may send money in an envelope for your child to shop or they may look at books and not buy. The Book Fair is open at different times for you to visit with your child. Please see the Thursday Folder.

*Friday, May 12th – Mrs. LaBounty leads the school Mass. Senior Saints Day – 8:30-10:45

April 27th Blog

This Week:


  • Reading Story-Dot and Jabber and the Great Acorn Mystery
  • Skills- Compare and Contrast
  • Grammar-Writing telling sentences, asking sentences and exclamation sentences
  • Phonics- oo vowels in book, inflected endings -ed and -ing
  • Writing- comparing and contrasting two animals from the Born in China


  • The children are doing a great job learning how to do 2-digit addition with re-grouping. Have them show you how to do it. 😊
  • 2-digit addition with real world situations
  • 2-digit addition with unknown partners
  • Unknown partners of a dollar
  • Making change for a dollar



We are continuing our study of forgiveness from this week.  This study continues in the next chapter as we learn about Adam and Eve sinning and how Jesus died for us so that our sins could be forgiven. 

Science- Students will review animal groups and take a test on Wednesday. They will be able to use their books they made to help them with the test.

Social Studies- We did not get to last week’s plans because we learned about the animals that we would see in the movie.  So, this week we will look at how people used to barter to get things, but that changed into exchanging money. 

Important Dates:

Tuesday, May 9-May Birthday Celebration

Wednesday, May 10-Spring Concert

Friday, May 12-Senior Saints Day, Mrs. LaBounty’s class Mass.  All the first graders will be singing a song for the Senior Saints.

Blog for the Week of April 24

Next Week:


  • Reading Story- Mole and Baby Bird
  • Skills- Sequencing
  • Grammar- Exclamatory sentences
  • Phonics- diphthong /ou/ as in loud, syllables VCV
  • Writing – Sentences that end with an exclamation mark, wild and tame animals


  • Regrouping tens and ones to add 2-digit numbers using vertical format
  • Making proof drawings (process) using sticks and circles to show tens and ones
  • Add 2-digit addition by isolating tens from ones and adding them separately
  • Practice numeric addition and verify solutions with proof drawings

Religion- Easter Season – During this season of celebration, we learn how God raised Jesus from the dead and discuss Easter joy. As we get back into our text, students will learn what a sin is (a choice to disobey God on purpose and do what you know is wrong). We will discuss how sin hurts our friendship with God and others. We will learn that Jesus wants us to be sorry for our sins.

Science- Animals -  Students are completing a book on the five animal groups. We will be working on the specific animals the we will see in our Disney Nature Movie: Born in China.

Social Studies- Students will learn about bartering and how that is a form of money.  They will learn that money is something we use or exchange to buy goods and services.


*Wednesday, April 26th – Field Trip to see Born in China (9:15-11:00)

April 13 Blog update

We wish everyone a Blessed Easter!                

This Week:

Reading-We are starting out last unit

  • Reading Story-Tippy-Toe Chick, Go!
  • Skills- Character, setting and plot-

We’ve been working hard on these skills, so to help your child practice these, ask them to tell you what the story is about after they’ve read one with you.  Then, who are the characters and what is the setting of the story.

  • Grammar- Command sentences
  • Phonics- diphthong ow /ou/ and C+le endings
  • Writing- Students will be working on writing about their family and creating a Power Point presentation with it in computer class.


  • Adding dimes, nickels and pennies
  • Finding equivalent money amounts
  • Making coin conversions
  • Exploring 2- digit addition


We will talk about and do some activities to celebrate the Easter season.  One of these activities is to take out our Alleluia banners that we made and buried at the beginning of Lent.

Science- Students covered the following animal groups this past two weeks: mammals, fish, birds, amphibians, and we will finish with reptiles next week.

Social Studies- Students will begin our economics chapter, by learning what goods and services are and that the study of making choices about money is economics.   

Important Dates:

We are going on a field trip to the Lakeville Theater to see the nature movie, “Born in China” on April 26.  A field trip slip is coming home today.  We are allowed 3 chaperones per grade.  If you are interested, email your child’s classroom teacher.  If you would like to meet us there, bring $7.00 cash to the theater.  Times will be on the field trip slip. 

Thursday, April 13-We will learn about faithfulness with Mrs. Mullenbach’s 2nd graders for Community Day

Monday, April 17-No School

Tuesday, April 18-No uniform, Culver’s Day, Caps for Community

Wednesday, April 19-Engineering Assembly in the morning

Thursday, April 20-We will be doing Earth Day stations with the Kinders