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Mrs. DeMaster's Blog

I am so excited to be teaching at All Saints this year.  I received my education degree from the University of Minnesota in Duluth.  I taught fulltime for eight years in- 6 years in first grade and 2 years on kindergarten- before getting married and starting a family.  My husband, Ben, and I live in Lakeville with our two boys, who attend All Saints.  When I have a little down time, I enjoy reading, running, watching movies, and spending time with my family.
I will be posting class updates each day on my page.  See the lower right corner for the current date; click on it to see what we are up to in third grade.

Recent Posts

October 17

Please remember to sign up for conferences.  There are times on Tuesday, October 24 and on Thursday, October 26.
Math: 2.3 Remembering
We will be back into a regular schedule next week.  Our spelling words will focus on the long /i/ sound spelled -ie, -igh, and -i.
We will read Roberto Clemente: The Pride of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Our reading skill will be cause and effect.
We will be working with different types of sentences.
We will wrap up our geometry unit in math and take the chapter test on Thursday.
We will wrap up our saint report next week and do some review on  Basics of Faith.
Have a great long weekend!  The weather looks like it will be great to enjoy  many autumn activities.

October 16

There will be no spelling words this week.
Math: 2.3 just the Homework side
I am hoping to give the Unit 2 math test next Thursday.  This will also include vocabulary from the chapter.  Use the pink and yellow vocabulary sheets to study.
Basics of Faith: Hopefully you all have a Basics of Faith folder.  We will have a test on the October 27.  Your child should look at 1,2,7,8 for the month of October.
We are still $540 away from our class marathon goal.  Keep collecting pledges!

October 13

Some students have a little homework this weekend.
Math: 2.2 Homework (1,2,7,9)
                Remembering (13, 14)
A preconference sheet went home today.  Please fill it out and return it to school next week.
We watched a short movie about Our Lady of Fatima in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Blessed Mother's appearance at Fatima.
A special thank you to Officer Gast who visited out class yesterday.  He showed some of the special equipment he uses like really cool flash lights and night vision binoculars.  We also got to see the back of the squad card and turn on the lights!
Keep collecting marathon money!  We are getting ever closer to our goal!

October 11

Math: 2.1 Homework (1-6)  perimeter
Spelling: worksheet 11 and 12
Spelling words for list A (If your child missed more than two words on their pretest, they will be on list A.)
load         open                       *Review/No Excuse Words
told          follow                        most         cold
glow        sold
yellow     window                     *Optional Challenge Words
soak        coach                          sailboat               tomorrow
shadow   almost                        
foam        throat
Spelling List B (If your child missed two or less words on their pretest they will be on list B
air                 care          *Review/No Excuse Words
wear             pear            most           cold
chair             pair
stairs            share
bare              near          *Optional Challenge Words
bear              ear              sailboat           tomorrow
hair               beard     

October 10

Sorry this is so late- We had a great time at Dakota Village today.  The children learned a lot about life in the late 1800's/ early 1900's.  Although it was crisp outside, there were many warm smilling faces as we toured to historical buidings and attended school in a one room school house.
There is no home work this evening, so our planners stayed in school.
We will be back in the swing of things tomorrow!
Please continue to send in marathon money!

October 9

Language Arts: We will be focusing on comparing and contrasting this week. 
We will read the book Pop's Bridge
Math: We began our unit on geometry and reviewed writing related story problems. A list of term for this unit was sent home today. 
Assignment: 2.1 Remembering (R) (1-6)
Spelling: Test Friday; spelling lists went home today

October 5

We are very excited for the marathon tomorrow!  Students may wear their marathon shirt with jeans or athletic pants, or their uniform. Please make sure your child has appropriate outdoor clothing- jacket, possibly hat, and mittens. God willing the weather will cooperate, and we will be able to walk outside.  If you are able to join us, we would love to have you come along with us!  If you are leaving with your child after the marathon, please sign out with me.  Thanks!
Spelling: Keep practicing those words- test tomorrow!
Math: We wrapped up three digit subtraction. We will begin a short unit on geometry next week.
Religion:  Students selected the saint they are going to write about.  They are very excited to find out information about their saint.  They may ask you to help them look up information about their saint at home. This is not homework, and  many of the children were very excited to look up information at home.

October 4

Sorry for the late post
Math: 1.15 HW 1-5 
                   R 1-14
Spelling: Keep studying for the test on Friday
Religion: Pray about what saint God is calling you to learn about
Keep collecting marathon pledges and pray for good weather for Friday.
Remember to return your permission slip for Dakota Village.

September 29

The only homework this weekend is to go over the subject and predicate study guide.  Our test is Tuesday.
Next Wednesday, October 4 is picture day.
Our marathon walk is next Friday.  Pray for good weather! Keep collecting pledges!

September 28

Math: 1-10 Homework (HW) side 1-9 some students have an extra sheet of paper to work the problems out on
Remembering (R) 1-15 odds
Grammar: A worksheet went home today to study for our subject and predicate test on Tuesday, October 3.  You do not need to send this back to school.

September 27

We took the reading portion of the MAP test today.
We have started our daily 4 reading and math groups this week. The class is doing a great job learning where they need to be and what they are doing for each component.
We wrapped up three digit addition today and will begin three digit subtraction tomorrow.
We will have our chapter 2 religion quiz tomorrow.  Books were sent home this afternoon.  Please read through chapter 2 with your child this evening (pages 81-91).  Key terms to focus on are Bible, Church, and Sacred Tradition.  Use the link to take a practice quiz.
Please send your child's book back to school with him/her tomorrow.  This is an open book quiz, so having the book will be very beneficial.