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Resources During School Closure

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Some Helpful Hints:
Attendance: Beginning Wednesday, April 1
  • Teachers will take attendance each day, just as they would at school. Ways in which teachers will verify attendance include:
    • K-5 Students: 
      • Online discussion/video call or other communication between student and teacher. 
      • Activity in classes (pages accessed, discussion participation, formative assessments completed).  
      • Work or assignments submitted via Seesaw.
    • Middle School Students: 
      • The homeroom teachers have posted a Google form on Google Classroom. The students need to complete the form each day. 
  • Students who do not participate are considered absent and will be recorded as absent, just as if they were not present at school.
  • Students whose family chooses not to participate in the Distance Learning program are reported as absent.
  • If your child is incorrectly marked absent, please contact their teacher.
  • If your child is sick, contact their teacher to inform them. 
Devices: When attending a Zoom session, it works best on a laptop or iPad which have cameras and mics. Phones are not considered a device for e-learning. There are still some iPads and laptops at All Saints if you need to check one out. Please email Mrs. Margarit at to arrange this option. 
Parent Resources During Distance Learning: This link will take you to a page for parent self-care and suggestions for working with your children. 
Sending a PDF of a Worksheet/Paper: Microsoft Office Lens is an app where you can take a picture of an item. It will align it and then allow you to save it or send it in an email. This is helpful so it comes through to the teacher in an easier to read format.
Stylus: If you have a touch screen, have your child use a stylus if the need to write or draw something.
Summer Programming/Virtual Field TripsThe Catholic Schools Center of Excellence put together a list of options.
Teacher Office Hours: Monday-Friday from 10:00 am-Noon and 6:00-8:00 pm. You may reach the teacher's through email or Seesaw for K-5 and Google doc for middle school.
Work with a Friend: Some students are working with a friend through FaceTime or Zoom. It makes completing their work more fun! 
Counseling: For those wishing to reach out for counseling services during e-learning, Mrs. Moser is available through Google Hangouts, Facetime or WhatsApp on Tuesday-Thursday this week from 9:00-Noon. Email her to set up a time and let her know which method you'd prefer. This will ensure that she can be available to you and only you and have the correct method of communication ready.
Computer: If your students work on their typing skills on Type to Learn, please check out the information on the right side bar on the Technology page has created an opportunity to learn various coding lessons through Code Break. This can be found at You can sign up, but it is not required. Once at the site, scroll down to the bottom to see the videos and try the activities.

Physical Education: At Home PE with Mr. Thoreson