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Current Covid School Info & Distance Learning Guidelines

Reporting Symptoms/Positive Test Results
Notify the Health Office at and the classroom/homeroom teacher(s) if your child will be absent due to symptoms, being a close contact or positive  
Guidelines to Transition to Distance Learning:
Quarantined due to Positive Results, Close Contact or Symptoms Books & assignments will be ready to pick up within 48 hours. 
Choosing to transition to Distance Learning, such as times when cases are rising, self-quarantining for personal reasons Notify Heath Office at and Classroom/Homeroom teacher(s) by 10:00am the previous Wednesday to transition the following Monday.
* Reminder: Transitioning back to in-person learning will take place at mid-tri or at the end of the trimester.
If a classroom and the teacher are quarantined, the first day of quarantine will be used for the teacher to prep for distance learning. On the second day, distance learning for the whole class will begin.
Vacations: Students who go on vacation will not automatically transition to distant learning. Their absent will be handled like it has been in the past.
Free Hot Lunch for Student participating in Distance Learning:
Parent Self-Care: Check out this video of Dr. Jules Nolan (Phoenix School Counseling) talking about parent self-care during the time of COVID-19. Dr. Nolan and her team at Phoenix provide counseling services for a number of our schools and this is a presentation she made to parents and teachers at Our Lady of Peace in Minneapolis, with Paul Berry serving as host and facilitator. 

Suggestions for Families:
Consider making it about being a team:
  • Select a family team name
  • Gamify it – points earned for accomplishing something for the team (making lunch for sibling/Mom or Dad)
  • Have general daily checklists
  • Have specific checklists for the day
Have white boards (or white board decals) for everyone to:
  • Share daily schedule
  • Daily tasks to be accomplished
Determine when each family member hits their slump and adjust schedules for their schedule:  
  • Have longer work sessions at the productive times
  • Have shorter sessions during the tougher times
  • Burst working, such as 25 minutes on, 15 minutes off
    • If it is hard for students to know how long they have been using technology,help them. You could set a timer or “Alexa, play “Let it Go” in 30 minutes”
Visible signage to help remind people about ability to be interrupted:
  • “Shhh, I’m working now. I can play later”
    • Of course you have to ensure you are available to play later.
Focus 90:
Meet for 10 minutes on what's going to be accomplished in the next 80 minutes. Then regroup and see how it went. Plan for the next 80 minutes.
  • Helps with accountability
  • Helps with realizing just how long it takes to do something.
Training Videos for Parents: 
Distance Learning Guides
The Distance Learning Guides below were created to give parents an overview of what distance learning will look like. Families will receive information from their child's teacher with more details.