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Parent Resources During Distance Learning

Parent Self-care: Check out this video of Dr. Jules Nolan (Phoenix School Counseling) talking about parent self-care during the time of COVID-19. Dr. Nolan and her team at Phoenix provide counseling services for a number of our schools and this is a presentation she made to parents and teachers at Our Lady of Peace in Minneapolis, with Paul Berry serving as host and facilitator. 

Suggestions for Families:
Consider making it about being a team:
  • Select a family team name
  • Gamify it – points earned for accomplishing something for the team (making lunch for sibling/Mom or Dad)
  • Have general daily checklists
  • Have specific checklists for the day
Have white boards (or white board decals) for everyone to:
  • Share daily schedule
  • Daily tasks to be accomplished
Determine when each family member hits their slump and adjust schedules for their schedule:  
  • Have longer work sessions at the productive times
  • Have shorter sessions during the tougher times
  • Burst working, such as 25 minutes on, 15 minutes off
    • If it is hard for students to know how long they have been using technology,help them. You could set a timer or “Alexa, play “Let it Go” in 30 minutes”
Visible signage to help remind people about ability to be interrupted:
  • “Shhh, I’m working now. I can play later”
    • Of course you have to ensure you are available to play later.
Focus 90:
Meet for 10 minutes on what's going to be accomplished in the next 80 minutes. Then regroup and see how it went. Plan for the next 80 minutes.
  • Helps with accountability
  • Helps with realizing just how long it takes to do something.
Training Videos for Parents: