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2021-2022 Safe Return to Learning Plan updated 11/9/21

All Saints Catholic School will be offering full-time in-person learning for the 2021-2022 school year. As stated previously in the spring, the distance learning option will not be offered for the 2021-2022 school year. We are committed to provide a learning environment where our students can grow spiritually, emotionally, mentally, academically, and physically. As we maintain vigilance, we have created a health and safety plan to mitigate the spread of all infectious disease, including COVID-19.
Our learning plan has been created based on recommendations from the Archdiocese, the Office of Ministry and Catholic Education, CDC and MDH and our experiences in our school community last school year when we successfully operated most of the year with an in-person school model. We requested feedback on our plan from medical personnel, teachers, the parish trustees and the School Advisory Committee to guide us in areas where we were not considering our commitment to our students and staff.
All Saints will continue to monitor the situation in our community closely and will provide updates as needed. Changes to this plan may be made as conditions warrant. There are several factors being consistently monitored including positive cases in our school and the district, positive cases in the county, local cases of community spread, and spread of other illnesses other than Covid-19. We are taking an approach that includes a broad number of steps. This is our layering plan, which is an important directive from the CDC.
Covid Data for the 2021-2022 School Year
The graph will be updated by the end of the business day on Mondays and Thursdays. The graph shows the number of positive cases in the school (preschool-8th grade) that were in the building during the lookback period of 2 days and positive cases that were NOT in the building during the lookback period of two days. 
Living our Faith
The students will attend a weekly school Mass on Friday at 8:30 am.
Social distancing between classes will be established, resulting in the use of all six sections of the church. Students will be spread out in pews and there will be an empty pew between each classroom. During the month of September, students have traditionally sat with their classmates and teacher so this will continue this year. At this time, the Kinder will not sit with their 5th grade buddies.

Parents are invited to join us at our school Mass but we ask that parents be seated in the gathering space at this time.
Students will continue to participate in classroom prayer throughout the day. 
Social/Emotional Health
A committee has been formed to explore more social-emotional learning activities/lessons to be incorporated.

Mrs. Laura Carlon was hired as our school counselor to help support our students.

Face Coverings- School
We are following the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis recommendation, to allow the decision as to whether a student should wear a face covering outside the home to remain with the parent/guardian. Parents/Guardians should consider what is best for their child while also being vigilant in the monitoring of symptoms and the health of their child.
If a person tests positive for Covid 19 and is wearing a properly fitting mask, any staff or students deemed close contacts will not have to quarantine if they are also wearing a properly fitting mask. 
We ask that all students, parents and staff are respectful of a family's choice to wear or not to wear a face covering. Staff will help facilitate to eliminate the stigmatism related to this topic.
Face Coverings/Assigned Seats - School Bus & District Transportation
Per Federal mandate, face coverings are required to be worn on school buses at all times by all persons regardless of vaccination status.

Face coverings will be required to be worn on all public transportation, including school buses, as is currently mandated. Individual venues may have health guidelines in place that are more restrictive than the current state requirements.

Social Distancing
We are utilizing recommendations from MDH and the CDC to target at least 3 feet of physical distancing where feasible. This includes setting up classrooms  in a manner to promote at least 3 feet of physical distance between the students wherever possible.

We will watch the flow of students transitioning in the hallway and other areas of the school building. The teachers will also continue to use outdoor space for teaching when possible, look for opportunities to provide additional social distancing beyond the 3 feet goal and keep a seating chart of their classroom.

Other social distancing practices include providing additional spacing at lunch and at Mass. See these sections in the learning plan.

Handwashing & Appropriate Coughing & Sneezing Technique
Proper handwashing & appropriate coughing & sneezing techniques will be taught at the beginning of the school year and reinforced during the school day. Regular and proper handwashing will be encouraged, especially before lunch, after recess and when coughing and sneezing. 

Parents, please practice and encourage your children to use proper handwashing & coughing & sneezing techniques.
Hand sanitizer will still be available at doors with heavy exit and entry and in every classroom. 
Everyone is recommended to continue practicing good hand hygiene.
Health Protocols & Student Illness
Parents are asked to monitor their child's health for their child's sake and for the health of the students and staff at school. Students will be taught proper coughing and sneezing etiquette. This should be reinforced at home so it becomes a habit. Please help us all to stay healthy! 
For a high-level outline of the protocols we will be following for household illness and exposure, please see the MDH's decision tree.
Our school’s health office will return to illness protocols pre-pandemic. Sick students will be sent home if they have a fever (100.0 or above), vomiting or diarrhea, or have coughs and cold or other flu like symptoms. Students with these symptoms will be expected to stay home for 24 hours after symptoms have subsided. Students with COVID-19 symptoms are encouraged to contact their primary care physician to assist them with determining the appropriate steps and/or testing which will determine return date to school. Your student should not be having excessive secretions, continual coughing or be excessively tired. If your student has these symptoms, please continue to keep them home until symptoms have resolved.  All illnesses seen in the health office will be observed and evaluated by the nurse.
Water fountains will be available. The old water fountains were replaced last year and include a bottle filler. It is recommended that students bring water bottle to use and refill  during the day. 
Handling of Confirmed Cases of COVID-19
All Saints School is required to monitor for COVID-19 cases and report positive cases of communicable diseases to the Minnesota Department of Health.
All Saints families and staff will be notified of a positive case of communicable disease in their child's classroom via email.
Covid-19: Students/staff in close contact to a positive case are not required to quarantine.
Households with a Positive Covid-19 Case: Follow the Updated Quarantine Flowchart below. If there is more than one case in the household, students may have to quarantine longer. If this occurs in your family, contact the Health Office at for guidance.
Health Screening and Reporting of Communicable Disease
All students, staff and visitors are required to conduct a Daily Health Screening before coming to school/work.
Visitors will certify their health status.
Students and staff are required to stay home if they are ill, and leave school/work if they become sick during the day. 
All families should report if your child is ill and/or tests positive for a communicable disease (including COVID-19, influenza, strep etc) to the All Saints attendance line, 952-985-9989. Staff should report illness to their supervisor.
Education Plan for Students who are Quarantined
This is only for students who have been quarantined due to Covid, not vacations.
  • Books and assignments for that week will be ready for pick up within 48 hours of notification of quarantining.
  • If a second week of quarantine is required, packets will be available on Monday by 10:00 am.
  • Instructions will be delivered in the following ways:
    • K-2: Items in packet would be main source of instruction/lessons. Videos would be provide as needed through Seesaw and/or teachers will Zoom with the student after school. 
    • Grades 3-5: Important lesson will be video taped and would be provided through Seesaw/Google Classroom.
    • Grades 6-8: Students would zoom with their class for instruction. The student should hand in completed work to each teacher (as they go through the day) upon their return to school.
Lunch in the Cafeteria & Recess
Beginning Thursday, January 13, some of the students will eat in their classrooms and the other students will be more socially distanced in the lunchroom. This will continue for a week or two depending on the number of cases of Covid in the building. The cafeteria tables will continue to have increased spacing between grades and classes. Round tables will be used to provide more social distancing for those who have requested it. Lunches will be served vs self-served. 
The federal lunch program which provided free lunch for all students will continue through April 2022.
The lunch recess schedule will return to the pre-Covid schedule.
Class Schedules
Students will return to using the Art, Band, Library and Music rooms. 
Classrooms will not mix for various learning activities such as Science/Social students, leveled reading/math groups and group time as we begin the school year- any future changes will be communicated.
Field Trips
Field trips may occur throughout the school year.
Face coverings will be required to be worn on all public transportation, including school buses. Individual venues may have health guidelines in place that are more restrictive than the current state requirements.

Health Testing

Student testing - As with other communicable diseases, we will not be testing students at school. If students are symptomatic or deemed a close contact at school, we have a limited number of test kits available. Or you may be evaluated by a primary care physician and/or be tested elsewhere.

Staff testing - We have also received testing kits for our staff to use.

Families may request a free test to be sent to your home from the state of Minnesota- or you may order 4 tests per family from


If you require assistance in finding or scheduling communicable disease testing, please contact Dakota County Public Health or your primary care physician.

We are grateful to the medical community who worked tirelessly to develop a safe and effective vaccine for COVID-19. We know many people have chosen for good reasons to get this vaccine for themselves and their family members. We also know that some others following their own good reasons have chosen not to be vaccinated. Honoring the health care choices of all in our community, as well as the importance of individual privacy for heath-related decisions, All Saints will not be mandating any student or staff member to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. 
Public health officials recommend vaccinations for eligible individuals. If you require assistance in finding or scheduling a vaccination appointment, please contact Dakota County Public Health or your primary care physician.
If a student or staff member needs to be absent for a vaccination appointment, it is an excused absent for the student or we will find a sub for the teacher.
Hard surfaces will be cleaned daily with soap and water as needed during the day in the classrooms. Classroom desks/tables will be wiped down at last once a day and more as needed.
Custodians will continue to thoroughly clean our classrooms after each school day. Other high-touch surfaces such as railings and door handles will also be cleaned each school day. Additional cleaning protocols are in place to ensure common use hard surfaces are cleaned daily.
Specialized cleaning will continue to occur for outbreaks of illnesses (Covid, influenza, strep, etc).
Mission Partners
As we start the school year, we will be limiting Mission Partners in the school building. A health screening will be part of the sign-in process. 
Extracurricular Activities
Extracurricular activities will be organized this year. Depending on the situation, activities may be postponed in beginning or tentatively canceled.  
All Saints Catholic School will continue to monitor school, district and community data to keep the parents informed of health related issues during the school year. We will continue to work with Minnesota Department of Health and Dakota County Public Health.
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