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All Saints Marathon

Conquering the Masked Marathon!
2020 All Saints Catholic School Marathon
The All Saints Catholic School Marathon is coming soon!
What is a marathon? Our marathon is an annual fundraiser for non-public schools. The students are asked to collect pledges/donations from family and friends (with parent approval) to help support their school. They may bring their money in as they collect it or wait until the Marathon deadline.
On Friday, October 2, Fr. Wilson will give a blessing at the end of the Friday school Mass which will be live-streamed for our K-4th grade students. Throughout the day, weather permitting, the students and their teachers will walk outside around the perimeter of All Saints property. Due to the Covid restrictions, we are sad to say parents and grandparents will not be joining us this year.
New for 2020: Wednesday, September 30, Special Theme Dress Day. Dress as a Superhero or as the person who is your Superhero. Mrs. Margarit has her costume ready to go!
A Virtual Pep Fest: Our 8th graders created a marathon song and skit to tell the students about the marathon which was shown to the students.
2020 Incentives:
  • Individual Goal: Chances for Raffle Prizes- 1 chance for bringing in a donation of any amount, 2 chances for making their individual goal of $150; 1 additional chance for every $50 over their goal up to 5 chances for a maximum of 7 chances; and an out of uniform pass for reaching their individual goal. 
    (There is a $300 maximum per family so if you have 3 children, their individual goal will be $100, 4 children would be $75.)
  • Class Goal: The class with the highest percentage above their goal will earn a Culver’s Custard Party. Each class will vote on a class incentive which they will receive when their class reaches their goal.
  • $45,000 School Goal: With all the current restrictions, we are still working on a school goal. This will be determined by next week.
The money raised through our marathon is part of our school budget which helps to fund many academic and extracurricular activities. Donations must be turned in by Monday, October 12, to count toward incentives.
Donations: Please do not send in money without the collection slips and/or the student’s name. When sending in the donations your child collects, please use the collection slips provided. If you have more than one child, please list their names on the envelope so the correct credit is given to each child. A sponsor sheet is available on our website at school/ This does not need to be returned to school. Some families like to use it to keep track of the donations their child receives so they can send thank you notes to them.
Online Donations: For your convenience, we have set up an online donation page: All Saints Marathon Online Donations
Matching Gifts: Many companies offer matching gifts to school. Does yours? If so, please include their matching gift form or information along with your child’s donations.
Thanks for helping to make the 2020 Marathon a success!
Marathon Committee

The Minnesota Marathon for Nonpublic Education is a fun and effective way to raise funds, and public awareness for our school. Since 1974, Marathon events have given students, school families, faculty members and others an opportunity to show their school pride while generating important financial support for school programs. With fun events and service projects, the Marathon has served communities while supporting nonpublic education across the state of Minnesota.