All Saints Marathon Results

Congratulations to the All Saints students for making their $48,000 challenge goal! Our final total is $48,252.10. 
The following classrooms/grades made their goals.
  • Mrs. LaBounty's 1st Graders
  • Mrs. Mullenbach's 2nd Graders
  • Ms. Collin's 3rd Graders
  • Mrs. DeMaster's 3rd Graders
  • Mrs. Johnson's 4th Graders
  • Mrs. McGinley's 4th Graders
  • Mrs. Clark's 5th Graders
  • Mrs. Falvey's 5th Graders
  • Mr. Breiter's 7th Graders
Grade Level:
  • 3rd Graders
  • 4th Graders
  • 5th Graders
The classroom with the highest percentage above their goal was Mrs. Falvey's 5th graders. They will receive a special lunch. 
Thanks for all your support!