Playground Expansion

Last year, a playground committee was formed and met with a couple vendors who presented their ideas for a layout of new equipment to expand our playground. Flagship Recreation was chosen.
Thanks to many generous donors our playground expansion project was completed this summer! Thanks also to Jeff Smith, Adeline's dad, for excavating the area and bringing in the class 5 for under the gaga ball pit!
Our PTO purchased a balance beam and pod steppers to help students safely climb onto one of the existing platforms, and the materials for the gaga ball pit. Aiden Regan with some of this fellow scouts installed the gaga ball pit as his Eagle Scout project. 
The additions to the existing playground were an oodle swing (up to 6 children can ride), omni spin (type of merry-go-round) and a net climber. The border, fabric and fiber were installed by Ian Paterson and his scout crew as his Eagle Scout project.