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100th Day of Kindergarten

The kinders have been waiting all year for our 100th day of kindergarten.  It finally arrived on Friday and we had fun from beginning to the end!  They were sad to hear there wouldn't be a 200th day of kindergarten.

Scientist of the Week - Lexi

On Monday our Scientist of the Week, Lexi, did a fantastic job explaining about  volcanoes and how they erupt.  Lexi wowed us with her use of scientific terms like magma and Earth's crust.  After explaining about volcanoes Lexi gave us a demonstration of a volcanic eruption using a homemade volcano, baking soda, and vinegar.  Awesome job Lexi!

Mock Baptism

Today the kinders were able to participate in a mock baptism complete with parents, godparents, and extended "family" members.  What a special way to make learning meaning full and fun.  Thank you Fr. Wilson for taking time out of your busy day to explain and demonstrate this beautiful sacrament.