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Humpty Dumpty Engineers

The kinders had a blast engineering a contraption to keep Humpty Dumpty safe if he fell off a wall. They worked in groups to follow the engineering process of identifying a problem, brainstorming solutions, making a plan, building the contraption, testing it and then improving it and testing it again. The contraptions were very innovative and everyone did a great job working in groups and respecting each other's ideas.  Science rocks!

March Community Day

We paired with Ms. Kilber's second grade class this month for a Community Day focused around Lent.  Ms. Kilber's class reminded us what we are working on during Lent - prayer, fasting, and alms giving - and then we visited a site online  where if you answer questions correctly they will donate rice to people who don't have enough food.  Using ipads kinders and 2nd graders paired up to read and answer many vocabulary questions.  At the end of our time we added up all the grains of rice each group earned.  Our total was 5,020 grains of rice!  We had fun, increased our vocabulary, and helped to feed hungry people. What a wonderful Community Day!

Scientist of the Week - Kasey

Kasey wowed us this week when she made a battery to power up a clock out of Sprite, zinc, and copper wires. Kasey explained that each of the cups worked as an electric cell and you needed to have two cups to provide enough electricity to power the clock.  If the two metal strips in the cup touch it shorts out and no electricity is created. Great job Kasey!

Scientist of the Week - Isabelle

Isabelle was our Scientist of the Week on Monday.  She wowed the kinders with a physics experiment that looked like a magic trick.  First Isabelle poured water into a glass filling it up almost to the top.  Then she took a note card and placed it on top of the glass.  She had us predict whether or not we thought the water would rush out of the glass when she tipped it upside down.  Holding the glass over a large bowl Isabelle flipped the glass over.  To our amazement not a drop of water escaped!  The note card stayed in place seemingly by magic.  Isabelle explained that there was air pressure outside the glass pushing on the note card to hold it in place while pressure inside the glass pushed and kind of equaled it out.  Then there was surface tension on the water which combined with the pressure inside the glass worked kind of like a vacuum to keep the water in place.  Outstanding job Isabelle!