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We had a successful Skittle Hunt this morning. The students found all but 9 out of a possibility of 100. Purple was the most difficult to find. We graphed the colors found and did some math problems with the graph.

Week of May 29-June 5

Week of May 29-June 5:


  • Reading Story: “Hi! Fly Guy”
  • Strategy and Skills: Understanding characters
  • Grammar: Adverbs
  • Phonics: suffixes -ful, -ly,-y
  • Writing- First Grade memory page, letter to Kinders



  • Practicing 2-digit addition
  • 2-digit addition with unknown partners
  • Unknown partners of a dollar
  • Making change for a dollar
  • Chapter test

Religion-  An introduction to the Seven Sacraments.  They are signs and celebrations that Jesus gave his Church.  The Sacraments allow us to share in the life and work of God.

Science-   Animal Group Test – Birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals and fish. Students will be able to use their study guide.

Social Studies- Students will explore how goods and services get to us.  We will look at producers, sellers and buyers.

Important Information:

**The children will be presenting the Power Point presentations that they made in computer on Wednesday.  If you would like to see it at home, your child may bring a flash drive.  Please label them in a plastic bag, so we can keep track of them.

Monday, May 28   Memorial Day-No School

Tuesday, June 5-Last day of school

Week of May 21st

The Week of May 21st, 2018


  • Reading Story- The Dot & Artists Create Art!
  • Strategy & Skill Focus and Details- Compare and Contrast, figurative language (idioms)
  • Grammar-Exclamations
  • Phonics- Base Words with -ed & -ing endings, long /e/ spelled with y and ie
  • Writing – Writing opinion sentences



  • Explore 2-digit addition using sticks (tens) and circles (ones) proof drawings
  • Explore 2-digit addition, with proof drawings, when regrouping is needed
  • Practice 2-digit addition with a partner and find errors when needed
  • Draw sticks (tens) and circles (ones) to represent 2-digit numbers
  • Practice Story problems involving 2-digit addition
  • Find the total of coin combinations with 2-digit values
  • Find unknown partners with 2-digit addition

Religion- Students will learn about Jesus as our Savior. We will read and discuss Adam and Eve’s choice to bring sin into the world. Even though we sin, God continues to love us.

Science-  Next week we will look at the basic characteristics of the amphibians and reptile animal groups. These two groups are confusing to first grade students. Basically, amphibians are frogs, toads and salamanders. We will use our comparing and contrasting skills with these two groups.

Social Studies We are continuing to look at why we have money.  An introduction to producers, sellers and buyers will be worked on this week.


* Friday, May 18th, Mrs. LaBounty’s class will lead the Mass.

 *Tuesday, May 22nd, Spirit Wear Day

*Thursday, May 24th, Band Concert during the day and at 7pm in the evening.

*Friday, May 25th, New Kinder Mass and Welcome Visit

*Monday, May 28th – Memorial Day, No school


Week of May 14-18

Week of May 14-18:


  • We have finished our fifth reading book, so this week will be Benchmark tests in comprehension, phonics, revising and editing and writing
  • Writing – narrative writing using sequence


  • Finding equivalent values of coins
  • Adding multi-digit money amounts
  • Introduce two-digit addition with re-grouping
  • Addition of tens and ones

Religion-  We will continue working on the concept of forgiveness that we started this week.

Science-   We will learn basic characteristics of birds, reptiles and amphibians. This will be done by reading books, looking at short video clips, sorting animal cards and through discussion.

Social Studies- Students will learn why we need money and how bartering can be used to pay for goods and services.


Important Dates to Remember:

Spring Concert-Tonight at 7:00-children need to be in the classroom at 6:45

Senior Saints Day (Grandparent’s Day)- Friday, May 11

Mrs. Mundy’s Class Mass-Friday, May 11

Culver’s Day, Caps for Community and No Uniform-Tuesday, May 15

Mrs. LaBounty’s Class Mass-Friday, May 18

**Please look around your house to see if you have any of the books that we’ve sent home this year to read.  We are missing some and it costs $6.00 a piece to replace them.  Thank you

We finally got to our last group!  It's been a busy few weeks.  Richard and Austin were very successful with their house for the Three Little Pigs! It couldn't be blown down!

Week of May 7th

The Week of May 7th, 2018


  • Reading Story- The New Friend and Symbols of our Country
  • Strategy & Skill Focus and Details- Understanding Characters and a Narrator, Summarizing
  • Grammar- Contractions
  • Phonics- Vowel digraph - /ou/ and /ow/ as in ouch and cow
  • Writing – Writing compound sentences, narrative about a garden



  • Unit 7 Review (we need more time)
  • Unit 7 Test - Tuesday
  • Review nickels, dimes and pennies
  • Show different, but equivalent, coin combinations
  • Draw sticks (tens) and circles (ones) to represent 2-digit numbers
  • Solve story problems by converting coins to cents
  • Use grouping to make new tens and find the total of mixed coin amounts

Religion- Making Choices – Students will continue with this chapter. We will define Free Will: the ability to choose whether to obey God or disobey God. We will look at consequences (good/bad) as a significant part of a decision-making process. This will be reinforced by the Ten Commandments.

Science-  Next week we will look at the basic characteristics of the mammal, bird, and reptile animal groups. We will read books, look at short videos and work with our animal cards to learn these characteristics.

Social Studies We are continuing to look at good and services.  We will be finding examples of them in magazines to put into our social studies notebook.


 *Tuesday, May 8th, May birthday celebration

*Wednesday, May 9th, both first grade classes will go to the Book Fair to browse or buy books. We will go at 1:30. If you send money, please put it in an envelope with your child’s name on it. 

*Thursday, May 10th, Spring Concert, 7 pm J

*If a “Senior Saint” (grandparent) is unable to come on Friday, please let us know and we will match your student up with a friend’s grandparent.

*Friday, May 11th, Senior Saints Day. Mrs. Mundy’s class will lead the Mass. Students will be with their Senior Saint for the morning. Watch for news from Mrs. Margarit.

*Next Friday, May 18th, Mrs. LaBounty’s class will lead the Mass.


We got back to our STEM projects!  Peter and Mya had a heavy house.  They used all the supplies.  More to come later this week....
Thanks so much for the beautiful flowers!  It finally feels like spring inside and outside!
Kidus and Blake were successful in creating their house for the three pigs!
More groups to come tomorrow...

Blog for the week of April 30-May4

Week of April 30-May 4:


  • Reading Story- “A Tree is a Plant” and “Grow, Apples Grow”
  • Skill- sequence of events
  • Grammar- Indefinite pronouns that stand for people and things not named (ex, anyone, something)
  • Phonics-oo, ou and ew sounds like moon
  • Writing- Narrative writing about a magic seed
  • High Frequency Words- ready, country, soil, kinds, earth, almost, covers, warms


  • Time to the half hour
  • Graphing events with time
  • Calendars and knowing the months of the year
  • Review and unit 7 test


Religion-  The Ten Commandments are God’s laws to help us love Him and others.  God gives people the freedom to make choices

Science-   We will begin our animal unit by looking at and reading about mammals. We will list basic characteristics of mammals and identify mammals from animal cards.

Social Studies- Students will be finishing their end of unit project-a community map and beginning our next unit on economics.


Upcoming events to mark on your calendar:

Spring Concert-Thursday, May 10

Senior Saints Day (Grandparent’s Day)- Friday, May 11

Mrs. Mundy’s Class Mass-Friday, May 11

Mrs. LaBounty’s Class Mass-Friday, May 18

We started a new STEM project today.  We read "The Three Little Pigs" and the students needed to create a house that would fit all three pigs and have it be sturdy enough hold up to three blows from them.  Thanks to Mrs. Thilgen for helping.  
More groups to come tomorrow!