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SAC Suggestion Box Think about all the ideas you come up with throughout the school year with the intention to put them into the school survey at the end of the school year and then they are forgotten.

The suggestion is a way for you to share your ideas and input to make our great school even better! For example, maybe you would like to see a school whiffle ball tournament come together, you have a field trip idea you would like to share or a suggestion on how to improve a process. Concerns with your specific child or teacher should still be addressed with the appropriate school staff member. Suggestions that will not be addressed would include but not be limited to: specific student behavior or specific teacher/student interaction. Information shared of this nature would be forwarded to Mrs. Margarit.

Suggestions that come in will be monitored on a regular basis and discussed at monthly SAC meetings. Ideas or responses may be provided in the newsletter or by contacting the individual directly. Suggestions will remain anonymous unless otherwise indicated.