In our computer lab, the students in 1st through 5th grade have computer class once a week with our Technology Teacher. The Middle School students have computer class once a week for one trimester. The Kindergarten students start in January and meet once a week. The lab is open to all teachers when computer classes are not taking place.

In our Middle School area, we have 3 mobile labs with 45 laptop computers (30 of which are the latest technology 2 in 1 style with touchscreen), 24 Chromebooks, and 30 iPads. The 5th grade classrooms share the MS iPads.  There are 80 iPads spread throughout the K-4 classrooms (8 in each classroom), as well as 10 iPads for Skills/Enrichment.


Our switches are linked with 10 GB fiber, utilizing the Aruba network WiFi system.


Students work with Microsoft Office tools. Our 5th - 8th graders are using Google docs and Google classroom.

The following 2 programs are also used throughout the year:

    • Type to Learn (keyboarding software)
    • Read Naturally (a reading fundamental program)

Five of the grades (2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th and 8th for the 2017-2018 school year) began a coding curriculum within the site.  These were introduced during their 2nd grade year or their 7th grade year and the links are still active.  The links are:





7th: (course 3):



School Year 2017-2018:

September (all grades):

  • Reminder of computer lab rules and signing on to the computers
  • File organization - Students create a new folder within their own folder and moving files from last year into the new folder.
  • Type to Learn - Students are reminded how to log on to Type to Learn and practice their typing skills. We focus on keyboarding skills for a few weeks at the beginning of the year and come back to practice these skills throughout the year.  This is an application students can work on at home.  Information to access Type to Learn at home can be found on the right-hand side of this page. 
  • MAP Testing for grades 3-8
  • Coding for grade 7
  • Type to Learn
  • MS Word for grades 1-5 - Students are given assignments to help remind them of the features in Word as well as practice in following directions.
  • Coding for grade 7
  • Grades 1-2: Word to reinforce skills learned and create seasonal projects; Type to Learn.
  • Grade 3: Word projects to learn how to type paragraphs.  This also reinforces typing skills.
  • Grade 4: MS PowerPoint projects - seasonal for a reminder lesson and a Character Traits presentation to practice skills to create the presentation and present it to their class.
  • Grade 5: Internet Safety, Research about about explorers
  • Grade 7: Coding and TTL


  • We begin December celebrating Computer Science Education Week with Hour of Code.  Each class K-8 spends one hour during the week learning about coding.  (See logo on the right of this page.)
  • Grades 1-2: Finish and print seasonal projects in MS Word; Type to Learn; and play games ( and the last week before break
  • Grade 3: Finish Word projects; Type to Learn
  • Grade 4: How To presentations in MS PPT
  • Grade 5: Explorer project
  • Grade 8: File organization; Type to Learn


  • Kinders begin in January learing about the lab rules and how to login and signout.  They finish the month learning the keyboard with Type to Learn
  • Grade 1: Type to Learn; using MS word to create their page for their ABC book
  • Grade 2: Begin working with MS Power Point to create presentation about All Saints School
  • Grade 3: Basics of MS Excel (missed days for Christmas break, snow day, and MLK Day)
  • Grade 4: Type to Learn (missed days for Christmas break, snow day, and MLK Day)
  • Grade 5: Type to Learn, Excel review
  • Grade 8: Finance Lesson


  • Kinders:  Type to Learn, Valentine games, 100 days games
  • Grade 1: Type to Learn; Biography reports in MS Word
  • Grade 2: Type to Learn; Black History Month biographies research
  • Grade 3: MS Excel for business lesson
  • Grade 4: Lent acrostice poems in MS Word, Digital Passport
  • Grade 5: Type to Learn, Animal research
  • Grade 8: Finance Lesson; coding with HTML
  • Kinders:  MS Word - name document and Easter Poster (typing, modify fonts, insert pictures, save)
  • Grade 1: Type to Learn; Cinquain poems,email messages,Easter games
  • Grade 2: Type to Learn; Lent Power Point
  • Grade 3: MS Excel for business lesson
  • Grade 4: Lent acrostice poems in MS Word, Digital Passport
  • Grade 5: Animal Websites, QR codes, Lent Minibooks (Word tables)
  • Grade 6 (3rd Tri): computer lab rules, File organization, Type to Learn, Scratch programming
  • Grade 8 (2nd Tri): Coding with HTML
  • Kinders:  Type to Learn, MS Word insert pictures, cut & paste
  • Grade 1: Type to Learn; Money games, math lines, begin Powerpoint
  • Grade 2: MS Excel
  • Grade 3: National Park project (research), MAP Testing
  • Grade 4: MS Excel; MAP Testing
  • Grade 5: Finish mini books, Type to Learn, Persuasive Essays; MAP Testing
  • Grade 6: Scratch programming; MAP Testing

  • Kinders:  Type to Learn, MS Word table borders, page borders, inserting and modifying shapes; MS Word cut/paste
  • Grade 1: Powerpoint presentation (All About Me); spring games
  • Grade 2: MS Excel, Type to Learn, Coding
  • Grade 3: National Park brouchures in MS Publisher
  • Grade 4: States project research and create poster in MS Publisher
  • Grade 5: MAP Testing; Finalize Inventions project; Type to Learn; MS Word tables (Maze project)
  • Grade 6: Scratch programming; Type to Learn


Type to Learn is now accessible online at home without installing it on your home computer.  For more information, please reference these links:
Hour of Code
All students will be participating in the Hour of Code during Computer Science Education week.  They will have the opportunity to learn about programming and try various applications to practice.