Physical Education

Physical Education classes are provided to the students in Kindergarten through 5th grade twice a week for 30 minutes each session, and the Middle School students meet twice a week for 40 minutes.


During Phy-Ed class, the goal is to increase the student’s overall physical development while participating in fun and physically-active activities. The program stresses body awareness, basic motor skills, and hand-eye coordination.




As our All Saints students continue their education through e-learning, it is important to not forget the benefits of Physical Education.  Many of these benefits include: improving strength and endurance, building healthy bones, reducing stress and anxiety, and boosting self-esteem.  Physical Education has also been shown to have positive effects upon learning, such as increased concentration and attentiveness!


To keep our All Saints students active, there will be a Physical Education Activity for each day!  I hope your kids enjoy, stay healthy!


THURSDAY APRIL 9,   Wall Sit Challenge


WEDNESDAY APRIL 8,   Roll the Dice
TUESDAY, APRIL 7  Would you Rather?
MONDAY APRIL 6,  National Student Athlete Day
FRIDAY  APRIL 3,   Fun Exercise Poem
THURSDAY, APRIL 2    Scavenger Hunt
WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1   Healthy Word Search
TUESDAY, MARCH 31    Rock, Paper, Scissors Tag
MONDAY, MARCH 30   Healthy Habits from Home
MONDAY,  MARCH 17    St. Patrick's Day Challenge  
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18  Tic Tac Toe Fitness
THURSDAY, MARCH 19  Card Deck Workout
FRIDAY, MARCH 20  "Measure Up" During Spring Break