Academic Assessment

Assessment Philosophy: 

All Saints Catholic School believes that assessment is an essential component of the learning process. Assessment is a continuous process that encompasses both formative and summative assessments to measure a student’s needs and progress. Assessments are used in correlation with academic standards.

Standardized Testing:
All students in 3rd through 8th grade will participate in the NWEA MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) every fall and spring. The data obtained from the testing assists the teacher in curriculum development for their class.
Fall 2016 NWEA MAP Results
  All Saints RIT Scores Norm RIT Scores
3rd Grade
4th Grade 212.3 201.5
5th Grade 219.5 211.1
6th Grade 226 217.3
7th Grade
236.4 222.4
8th Grade 248 226.1
  All Saints RIT Scores Norm RIT Scores
3rd Grade
4th Grade 210.3 197.7
5th Grade 216.7 205.4
6th Grade 220.6 210.7
7th Grade
227.8 214.3
8th Grade 233.8 217.1