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Out of Uniform & Spirit Day Guidelines

Out of Uniform

  • No graffiti, offensive sayings, or liquor, weapons, or tobacco product endorsements are allowed.
  • Girls may not wear spaghetti straps, low cut tank tops or any tank top showing skin more than one inch below the collar bone.
  • No undergarments of any kind should be showing.
  • No leggings, form fitting jeans, yoga pants or other tight knit pants unless they are worn under a long shirt or sweater that comes to at least mid-thigh length.
  • Skirts must not be shorter than 3" above knee cap and be loose fitting.
  • Shorts must not be shorter than 3" above knee cap and be loose fitting.
  • Students in Scouts or Campfire may wear the organization’s uniform meeting days including Mass days.
  • Students must follow guidelines for appearance on all school days, including out of uniform days.
All students are expected to be in uniform during the school day, except for designated out of uniform days or days when an out of uniform pass is used. An Out of Uniform pass is not valid on any school Mass days.

Spirit Day

Once a month, we will have a Spirit Day. The guidelines for Spirit Day are:
  • Student may wear marathon shirt or spirit wear purchased from our vendor.
  • Students may wear t-shirts they received from participating in any extracurricular school activity.
  • Students may wear jeans or athletic pants instead of uniform pants, shorts or skorts.
  • No leggings or form fitting jeans unless they are worn under a long shirt or sweatshirt that comes to at least mid-thigh length.

Spirit Wear Vendor

Our vendor for spirit wear is T-Shirts by Design. The owner is Robyn Sandage. Please contact her at or order from the website