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Fine Arts


Art class will teach students about two and three-dimensional art, from working with drawing and painting to clay and sculpture. Students in Kindergarten-5th grade attend a weekly art class for one hour. The middle school students have two 40-minute classes weekly for one trimester during the school year.

Students at All Saints will learn about famous artists and different art styles. Student artwork will be on display in the hallways throughout the year. Subjects are seasonal, cultural, and religious artworks. We will focus on the Elements of Art and Principles of Design to create our artwork. We will learn art history, facial proportions, landscape drawing, shading, watercolor techniques, and drawing still life, to name a few. 

Each grade will create different projects, wherein each child can express themselves using different kinds of media. This will give children confidence and experience in learning about our culture and develop their artistic talents. Students will learn techniques in mixed media, collage, drawing, painting, printmaking, weaving, and clay sculpture methods. Some students will show their artwork in the Youth Art Month exhibit in March at the Lakeville Art Center. 


Band is offered to all students in grades 4-8. At All Saints Catholic School, we have 3 traditional bands: Beginning Band, Concert Band, and Symphony Band. Placement is determined by years of experience. We also have a big band style Jazz Band for 6th-8th graders. 
The students will have weekly individual or small group lessons during the school day and weekly full band practice before school.
The current band fee is $200 for the traditional band and $100 for the Jazz Band.
If you have questions or want more information, please contact Ms. Heidelberger, our Band Director, at [email protected].


Students in Grades K-5 participate in weekly music classes. Our focus is on developing young singing voices, learning music skills, music appreciation, and sharing of our own musical gifts. It is an exciting and vibrant environment, in which students are encouraged to participate, respected for their efforts, and challenged to do new things.

Students in the early primary levels (K-3) work on learning rhythm, reading notes, and mastery of a repertoire of age-appropriate songs. Students in the later primary levels (4-5) continue to build on the skills learned in the earlier grade levels.

Middle School students have music twice a week during one trimester a year. Various units of study are offered, changing with each week of class.

We follow the seasons and holidays, elaborating and enlarging our ever-growing repertoire of songs. In the music room, we learn to appreciate each other and the joy that music brings into our lives. It is a place where we can take chances and discover the inner talents that we all have. We strive to incorporate different learning styles and welcome each student as a unique creation of God.