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Summer Activities at All Saints!

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2024 SPORTS CAMPS:   For boys and girls, grades K-8 (in 2023-2024)

DAYS:   Monday - Thursday, June 10-13 Each session is one hour.

  • Golf - one session available: 8:00-9:00 am
    Students will work on the FUNdamentals of the grip, stance, iron play, putting skills and how to use the driver to hit farther and straighter.
  • Basketball - two sessions available: 9:15-10:15 and 10:20-11:20
    Students will learn dribbling, passing, rebounding and shooting skills in a fast-paced, but FUN setting.
  • Volleyball - one session available: 11:30-12:30
    Students will work on developing skills while having FUN. There will be age/skill appropriate drills and games to grow your child's volleyball abilities.

COST:   $90 per session (payment is online only)

PLACE:   All Saints School

LIMIT:   Maximum of 18 students per session

DUE:   The last day to register and pay is May 24 or when sessions are full, whichever comes first.

Individuals in charge:   Mr. Bill Chinn and Mrs. Mary Klein

For questions about these camps, please contact:
Coach Chinn: [email protected] or Coach Klein: [email protected]


Sign up for Jazz or Pops or both with Mrs. Heidelberger!
This includes a FREE concert held for families at the end of each week!

WHEN:   June 10-14 and July 8-12

WHERE:   All Saints music room

COST:   $30 each week (payment is online only)

SUMMER JAZZ: June 10-14, 2024, 1:00-2:00 pm
SUMMER POPS: July 8-12, 1:00-2:00 pm






2024 SUMMER ART CAMPS ~ Girls/Boys in grades 2-8 or K-8 (in 2023-2024 school year)

WHEN:   June 10-14 and June 17-21

WHERE:   All Saints School Art Room

COST:   $120 per camp (payment is online only)

WHAT TO BRING: Bring a snack daily

CAMPS: June 10-14

  • Radical Rainforests June 10-14     9:00-12:00     gr. K-8 (in 2023-2024)
    Learn about the world's largest rainforests, using games, art and hands-on experiments. We will explore the environment and its endangered animals and create three dimensional animals out of papier mâché. We will draw and paint plants and animals that we might find in the rainforest, and we will create amphibious creatures out of Crayola Model Magic. We will create a puppet and even paint jungle scenes! You'll learn everything you need to know about braving the wild Amazon!
  • Drawing & Sketching:  June 10-14     1:00-4:00     gr. 2-8 (in 2023-2024)
    This camp is designed to improve your observational and drawing skills. You will use your favorite black and white mediums, including graphite, charcoal, pen and ink, etc.... You will be guided along the way to improve your drawing technique. The focus of this class is to learn perspective, light, shading and more. Note: Grade 2 is the youngest grade for this camp.

CAMPS: June 17-21
  • Sculpture, Clay & Papier Mache:  June 17-21     9:00-12:00     gr. K-8 (in 2023-2024)
    Unleash your inner artist in this build-from-scratch camp. You'll work with a variety of 3-D materials like wire, paper, cardboard, plaster and found objects as you transform your ideas into beautiful works of art. Come ready to get a "hands-on" experience as you build your pieces to perfection!
  • Catch a Wave:  June 17-21     1:00-4:00     gr. K-8 (in 2023-2024)
    School is out! Let's celebrate with an artistic stroll down the boardwalk! Come find out what is lurking below the waterline as we jump into an ocean full of underwater fun. We will make art about sandy beaches, colorful fish and coral, beautiful seashells, mermaids, surfboard designs and more. Everything will have a twist of summer!

LIMIT:   Minimum of 7 and Maximum of 18 students per session

DUE:   The last day to register is May 24 or when sessions are full, whichever comes first.

Individual in charge:   Mrs. Paula Hopf, All Saints Art Teacher

For questions about these camps, please contact: Mrs. Paula Hopf, [email protected]