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Order Scrip! Earn credit for Tuition, PTO or Faith Formation!


Earn Money Toward Tuition While You Shop!

RaiseRight (formerly ShopWithScrip)


Over 750 retailers participate in this national program that allows you to purchase physical and digital gift cards that give a rebate back to All Saints and your individual family tuition costs.


See intro videos and the full list of retailers at


In addition, we have local vendors who offer physical cards: Culvers 10%, Chianti Grill/Porterhouse 20%, Pahl's Market 10%, and Von Hanson’s Meat 10%.


With an easy-to-use online account, you can place orders while you shop! During the school year, physical cards will be delivered in the Thursday folders on select weeks. There are also 3 summer deliveries with pickup at the office.


Rebates are collected from May 1 - April 30, and the designated allocation is credited to the next year’s school tuition. (example: buy a gift card in December 2022, receive the rebate for the 2023-2024 school year) Rebates can be used to offset costs at All Saints School, Preschool, and Faith Formation classes.



Ready to sign up?

  • All Saints enrollment code is available on flyers or by contacting the coordinators (to the right).
  • Then, go to or the RaiseRight app and create your account. 
  • The rebate distribution agreement allows you to set your allocations up to 80% of the rebate.  Agreements will be completed in the fall.
  • Coordinator sends Flocknote reminders for upcoming physical card orders.



How can you pay for gift cards?

The scrip program offers two easy online ways to pay for gift cards.

  • Link your bank account. Create a unique PIN to keep your account safe.  To get set up, open the RaiseRight mobile app and choose Account > Settings > Payment Options. Or go to and select Personal Dashboard > Settings > Payment Options.
    • There is a $0.29 fee per bank transaction.
  • Pay by credit card.  Discover, Mastercard, and Visa are accepted.  You can choose to save the card to your account for future purchases.
    • There is a 2.6% fee per credit card transaction.
  • Linked banking accounts or credit cards are the ONLY ways to participate in our program online.
  • Check payment is allowed for monthly Culver's orders and one annual open order. Paper order forms are distributed in the Thursday folder.  You do not need an account to participate in paper orders.



Contact Rhonda at 702-556-2735, Rose at 952-891-4228 or [email protected]


For technical questions, contact RaiseRight at (800) 727-4715.