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Prospective Kindergarteners

A meeting is held each January for prospective families (it will be on January 9 at 6:30 pm for 2020-2021 kindergarteners). Its purpose is to introduce our kindergarten program, the kindergarten teachers, and the principal. All Saints Catholic School has two kindergarten classes and enrolls up to 48 new kindergarteners each year. Current or past school families with kindergarteners are guaranteed a spot and the remaining spots are open to new families. If the number of applicants exceeds the remaining open spots, a lottery drawing will take place in February and a wait list will be established. There often continues to be movement on the list over the summer months so it is not uncommon for wait listed students to procure a spot. Terms of the lottery are outlined in our School Policies.
Age-eligible children of parishioners with current addresses on file with All Saints Church will be mailed an invitation to the January meeting. Families who have requested the invitation will also receive the mailing. To add your name to the list or to check on kindergarten availability, please contact Lisa Beckstrom at 952-985-9920 or