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Falcon's Nest


The Mission of the Falcon's Nest is to provide care for children attending All Saints Catholic School. This program is available before school; after school; and on selected non-school days.

The goal of the Falcon's Nest is to provide a safe, pleasant and informally-structured environment in which a variety of activities that promote the spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth of each child are available.


The Falcon's Nest is located on the lower level of All Saints Catholic School, in the elementary wing.  Entrance "N" is the designated entrance to Falcon's Nest.



During the School Year
Morning Session: 6:30 am until school begins
Afternoon Session: End of school day - 6:00 pm
All Day Session: 6:30 am – 6:00 pm

Breakfast is included in the Morning Session Fee.
Snack is included in the Afternoon Session Fee. 
Lunch is included in the All Day Session Fee. 


Fill out the registration form and return by the indicated deadline. Include a $50.00 non-refundable registration fee.



  • Registration Fee: $50.00   Early Bird Rate: $40.00 if received by July 15 for the upcoming school year
  • Before School Session: $12.00 per session per child
  • After School Session: $17.00 per session per child
  • Non-School All Day Session: $50.00 per session per child
  • Late Monthly Contract Fee: $10.00 (Contracts are due the 15th of the prior month so staffing can be scheduled.) 
  • AM Drop-In Fee: $15.00  
  • PM Drop In Fee: $20.00
  • All Day Sessions Added (After Monthly Contract Deadline: $55.00)
  • Security Badges Deposit:  $ 20.00 ($10.00 will be reimbursed when the badges are turned back in at the end of the school year) 
Glenda Skoff, Extended Day Director