All Saints Catholic School is accredited by the Minnesota Non-Public School Accrediting Association. Annual reports are submitted to this agency in order to meet Association standards, and an onsite visit occurs every seven years. All Saints Catholic School completed an intensive self-study and validation visit in the spring of 2012. Curriculum evaluation is an on-going process at All Saints Catholic School. Curriculum goals and programs to support those goals are selected after careful study and consultation on the part of the staff.
Annually All Saints Catholic School reports to the MNSAA board. The strategic plan is updated with our accomplishments and, when applicable, new strategies and action steps are added. Below is the updated School Strategic Plan as of June 14, 2018.
Our self-study was completed during the 2017-2018 school year. The results from the self-study and annual survey will assist in creating a new School Strategic Plan. Our accreditation team visit is scheduled for March 18-20, 2019.