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School History

School History

Under the leadership of Fr. Edmund O’Connor, All Saints Catholic School was founded in 1954.

Originally staffed by the Sisters of the Divine Savior, the school had four classrooms and an office.

In 1964, four additional classrooms and a library were added to the school.  Over the years, lay teachers were added to the staff; now the school is staffed and administrated by non-religious educational professionals. 
In 1998, students in 3rd-6th grade moved into the new school, located at the new church site. In 2001, the Kindergarten-2nd grade joined them when the new educational space was completed.  
In the fall of 2004, the school expanded to include 7th grade and the following year 8th grade. In June of 2006, we had our first 8th grade graduating class.

At the present time we have 18 classrooms, a music room, an art room, a cafeteria, a library and a computer lab.