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School Breakfast/Lunch Information

All Saints will be participating in Minnesota’s Free School Lunch program which provides free breakfast and lunch to students. However, there are a couple of items that will incur charges to your account:

  • Milk with home lunch: $0.35
  • Extra sandwich with hot or home lunch: $1.50
  • Middle School entrée seconds: $1.50
  • Adult Lunch: $4.95
  • Second drink: $0.35
  • Adult Breakfast: $2.25

Breakfast Menu 

Every day:

  •    Cereal or breakfast Bar
  •    Fruit (alternating between- Apple/Bananas/Oranges)
  •    Cheese sticks
  •    Milk or OJ

Rotating Choices

  •     Monday: Assorted Muffins
  •    Tuesday: Oatmeal (plain) with toppings (maple syrup/mini chocolate chips/cinnamon/sugar/berries)
  •     Wednesday: Bagel with cream cheese
  •    Thursday: French Toast Sticks/Waffle/Pancakes (alternating weeks)
  •     Friday: Cheese Omelette

***Gluten-free alternative available at request


Breakfast times and procedures

  • Drop-off is from 7:40-7:45 at door N.
  • Serving time is 7:40-8:05am.
  • Serving line will move in front of the stage towards the kitchen.
  • All breakfast food must be eaten in the cafeteria.
  • Students will be released from the cafeteria between 7:50-8:05am to head to their classrooms.

If your child(ren) will be having any of the items listed above, monitor their Cafeteria Account balance on your Parent Portal so you are aware of when more funds should be added to your account. When submitting funds for your family’s lunch balance, make checks payable to All Saints and write “lunch” in the memo.
If you have any questions about your lunch account, please reach out to Natalie Weber at [email protected] or 952-985-9909.
The View Lunch Accounts on Parent Portal pdf shows how  purchases and payments made on your student's cafeteria account will show on your parent portal.