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Enrichment & Skills Programs

Enrichment Program

All Saints Catholic School believes gifted, creative, and talented students are a population with special needs. We are committed to providing opportunities designed to enrich, sustain, engage, challenge and ensure their continued growth. It is our goal to provide learning activities that respond to these students' unique needs and maximize their potential.This program is available onsite for students meeting the criteria.

Criteria for Enrichment Program:
95% or higher on overall classroom work in reading and/or math and/or 95% or higher percentile on standardized testing
Teacher recommendation.

Skills Program

The Skills program at All Saints Catholic School provides an academic support network for parents, teachers and students. Our staff provides direct support to students who need help to meet grade level skills and objectives. Teachers use research-based assessments, student-centered intervention plans, and on-going progress monitoring to help students succeed. The staff also facilitates the referral process through the Lakeville Public School district, should further assessment services be necessary.