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School Advisory Committee (SAC)

School Advisory Committee

The All Saints Catholic School School Advisory Committee (SAC) is a group of nine members that serve in an advisory and consultative capacity to the school principal and pastor. The committee members serve 3-year terms and meet monthly to advise the principal and pastor regarding issues of formation and education unique to the school's program. There are four committees; Finance, Policy, Strategic Planning, and Marketing. Additionally, there are ad hoc committees formed on an as needed basis.


The role of the Finance Committee is to provide financial oversight for the school by reviewing the monthly budget report prepared by the finance department.


The role of the Policy Committee is to review the existing School Policy and recommend changes, if deemed necessary. The committee reviews sections of the School Policy on a rotating schedule, with 2-3 sections reviewed annually.


The role of the Strategic Planning Committee is to assist with defining direction and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue the overall strategy of the school. The Strategic Planning Committee reviews the results of the parent survey to look for our strengths and areas of growth. Then, works with the Principle and Pastor to determine ways to improve while continuing to meet the overall strategy of the school.


The role of the Marketing Committee is to develop marketing strategies to be used to promote the schools mission and causes. Marketing strategies may also target potential Mission Partners to donate their time and skills on behalf of the school.


Meetings are usually held monthly on the third Tuesday of the month, beginning at 6:30 pm. You don’t need to be committed to SAC for a 3-year term to bring your ideas and thoughts for change to the school. All parents are welcome to attend the monthly SAC meetings to hear what is going on and give suggestions!

Fr. Thomas Wilson, Pastor
Elizabeth de Leon, Principal
Jennifer Harism, President
Daniel Smith, Vice President
Tyler Frost, Secretary
Christina Guetter
Sara Lawrence
Jessica Nielson
Andrea Nypen
Anne Sperides
2023-2024 Meeting Minutes