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Boxtops, Labels for Education and More

Box Tops for Education is Going Digital

Box Tops for Education are on many products you use each day. Soon there will no longer be BoxTops to clip. There is now an app to use to scan your receipt and the money is automatically deposited into our account for any items on your receipt with a BoxTop. Check the BoxTops for Education site for more information. 
We will still be collecting the traditional ones and turning them in until they no longer exist.
Look for Box Tops on General Mills, Betty Crocker, Land 'O Lakes, Green Giant and many more products!


Little Caesars and Golden Plump are 2 of Labels2Learn major partners. Clip the logo, send it into school with your child and we will scan it to add the code to our account. Last year, we received $105.80 from Labels2Learn.
For more information, go to .

Milk Moola

Milk Moola has been discontinued. 

Labels for Education

This program has ended.

Thanks for supporting All Saints Catholic School!