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2023 All Saints Catholic School Marathon-Final Numbers

We’re All on God’s Team!
2023 All Saints Catholic School Marathon


Thank you for making the marathon a great success! We not only made our school goal of $60,000, but we also crushed our bonus goal of $70,000 by raising $74,411.66!
Class Goals:
The following classrooms made their class goal. 
  • Mrs. Abfalter’s 2nd graders
  • Mrs. Mullenbach’s 2nd graders
  • Mr. Blustein’s 3rd graders
  • Mrs. Clark’s 5th graders
  • Mrs. Heggen’s 6th graders
  • Mrs. Koch 6th
  • Ms. Juntilla’s 7th graders
Mrs. Clark’s 5th graders were the first class to make their goal so they played Plinko and won some great prizes. Mrs. Clark’s 5th graders were also the class with the highest percentage above their goal, so they will have a popcorn or ice cream party.
Grade-Level Goals:
The following grades made their grade-level goal and will vote on their favorite PE games to play with Coach Klein.
  • 2nd Grade
  • 5th Grade
  • 6th Grade
Individual Goals:
Many students made their individual goals and many more earned a Raising Cane’s certificate for bringing in $100 or more in donations.
Students won a lot of great prizes in our marathon drawing.
All the students won an extra recess and the chance to watch Fr. Aric and Mrs. de Leon go in the dunk tank.

The Minnesota Marathon for Nonpublic Education is a fun and effective way to raise funds and public awareness for our school. Since 1974, Marathon events have given students, school families, faculty members, and others an opportunity to show their school pride while generating important financial support for school programs. With fun events and service projects, the Marathon has served communities while supporting nonpublic education across the state of Minnesota.