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Students have library once a week. This is their opportunity to learn about library resources and develop their library skills. Of course, they may check out something to read!  To access our online library catalog, click this link: Library Catalog  Every student can access the catalog from home and request books during the school year.  Students can also see the books they have checked out, and renew books from this site.  For a quick tutorial, click the link that says "Surpass Tutorial" at the right side of this page.
Kinders may check out one book each week from the library. Students in grades 1-5 are able to check out 2 materials on their library account, while Middle School students may check out 3 materials on their account.
Books can be checked out for up to two weeks. Please help your child remember to return books on time.

We have information for this year's reading incentive program in a document at the right side of this page. This program is optional, but if a student joins in, they will receive some fun prizes!
The ReadnQuiz program is a supplement to the reading curriculum at All Saints School. Students in grades 3-8 can take quizzes for incentives. In addition to taking quizzes in their classrooms, students in grades 3-8 can take tests during the last 15 minutes of library time, or from home. Falcon's Nest also has a computer for quizzes.  Follow this link to take the tests. ReadnQuiz Site

Grades 1-2 can also turn in reading logs to earn their incentives. Be sure the books are at your child's reading level, so he or she can read the books independently.
Want to see if a book has a quiz? Check out ReadnQuiz Site is a good resource to find books at a student's Lexile reading level, which is provided after taking the MAP Reading test.  Please remember that a book in a student's Lexile reading level may have content that you would not like them to read, so please take care to select appropriate books from the level.

Students in grades 3-8 may read any 3 books that are nominated for this year's Maud Hart Lovelace Award within their corresponding division (grades 3-5 or grades 6-8), pass a ReadnQuiz quiz on these books, and vote for their favorite in the spring!  Once the winners are revealed (usually in May), we will have a reveal party, which includes pizza and other yummy treats. Check out he 2022-2023 winners and the 2023-2024 nominees at
Students in grades 4-8 can mark off the books they have read and tested on in the google doc here.  Students must log in with their school email address, not a personal address.  3rd graders can mark off the books on a sheet which we have in the library.
• For grades K-2, check out the Star of the North nominees for picture books at
• Other great sites for finding good books include:
Ebooks Minnesota is a free digital online book collection for all Minnesotans.  These ebooks are available to all Minnesotans at no cost.  Books cover a wide range of topics and are available for all ages.  It is hosted by Mackin.  Many of the Maud Hart Lovelace books will be available through this platform so if your student is having trouble getting their hands on a physical copy, this might be a good alternative for them to try.  There are no limits or due dates.  To check it out click here
Do you have gently used books that are sitting around cluttering up your bookshelves?  The library accepts used book donations to add to our collection, any time during the year.  You can bring them in to the library with a note that they are a donation and who they are from.  Thanks for helping build up our collection!
If you have any questions or would like to help out in the library, please contact Mrs. Pattee at [email protected]. Responsibilities include shelving books, organizing library materials, working with children, and having a love of books! Virtus Training, a parish background check, and the Code of Conduct form are required.