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Mission Partner Opportunities and Requirements


For 2020-2021, due to COVID, we are very limited in having Mission Partners help us out. We are very sad about this as we miss having you in the school! However, we need to follow CDC, MDH and Archdiocesan guidelines.
You can sign up for Parent Drop OffDrop-off Sign-up

Mission Partner Requirements: New and Returning

All school Mission Partners must complete the Enhanced Essential Three (EE3) prior to participating in most opportunities to help at school events. The EE3 need to be renewed every three years.
NEW Mission Partners: 
Below, you will find the New Mission Partner Application with Instructions. Please read all of the instructions before completing the online requirement.
In addition to the online requirement, you will need to print off and complete the Application portion and the 123b Form (also found below). Please turn both documents in to the school office.
RETURNING Mission Partners: You will need to renew the EE3 every 3 years. Please go online to and follow the Virtus Re-credentialing Guide found below.
If you do not have your login information, do not attempt to re-register. Please contact the VIRTUS help desk at 1-888-847-8870.
If you would like a paper copy of the guide or have questions, contact Chris Spinler in the school office at 952-469-3332.
  Please click on the activities to sign up and help.
                         Daily Activities                                                               Year Long Activities
Morning Drop-off Scrip Order Processor (Contact Rose Gagnon)
Read Naturally  (Contact Kyle Kelley @
Scrip Chair (Rose Gagnon)
Thursday Folder Stuffer Coach/Asst. Coach (Contact Bill Chinn, Athletic Director)
Lunch Room Help Library Reading Incentive Committee (Contact Nicole Pattee)
Recess Help New Family Mentors
Classroom Help  (Contact Teacher directly) SAC Committee Member
Office Work  (Contact Chris Spinler) PTO Committee Member
Library Help  (Contact Erin Shea) Room Parent
  What a Difference a Day Makes Chair  (Gina Hoffman)
Opportunities to help by Month
August September October
July 31
Oct. 2
Aug. 28
Oct. 15 (Falvey Class Responsible)
Oct. 24 (Clark Class Responsible)
November December January
Nov. 7
Dec. 14
Jan. 26 - Feb. 1
Dec. 7
Dec. 5 and 12
Dec. 20
February March April
Feb. 13   (Kinder Responsibility)
Lakeville Landscape & Home Expo
Movie Night
April 24
Feb. 18  (1st Gr. Responsibility)
Movie Night
March 4 
April 2
Feb. 25
April 27 - May 1
Feb. 14
May June July
May 5-8
Pan-O-Prog Parade
May 7 and 14
May 8  (8th Gr. Responsibility)