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Religion Curriculum is one aspect of the faith formation at All Saints Catholic School. It focuses on the basics of Catholic doctrine in an environment where Christian virtues and values are reinforced. It is designed to foster the students' understanding of their roles as Catholic Christians in the world today.
Students in grades 3-6 participate in the Basics of Faith program (written by Mike Vievering, a parish staff member). Each month focuses on a particular area of the Catholic Church, such as the Bible, the Commandments, Saints, Feasts and Seasons, and Sacraments.
Our religion program includes prayer, liturgy, and service to others.
  • Each day begins with an all school prayer and continues in the classroom with age-appropriate prayer time with their teacher and classmates. On Wednesday morning, Fr. Gifford, our associate pastor, leads the school in a decade of the rosary.
  • Our school community celebrates the Liturgy on a weekly basis. The students actively serve as ministers of hospitality, lectors, and music. These opportunities foster leadership skills in our students.
  • Middle School students are encouraged to complete service hours. During Catholic Schools Week, we have a service day. Each grade level chooses a different service project to complete. The benefactors of the projects range from our All Saints community to the local community and the nation. Throughout their years, the students participate in our parish service projects.

Curriculum Resources:
Kindergarten: Allelu!, Our Sunday Visitor
Grades 1-5: Alive in Christ, Our Sunday Visitor
Middle School: Catholic Connections for Middle Schoolers, The Catholic Handbook for Middle Schoolers & Breakthrough! An Introduction to People of Faith,  St. Mary's Press

Language Arts Curriculum integrates reading, writing, spelling, speaking and listening skills. In the early years, phonics and handwriting are included in the curriculum. These skills are incorporated into other areas, such as science and social studies. 

Daily 5 is also integrated in the Language Arts curriculum. Daily 5 is a framework that encourages reading independence and gives the students the skills needed to create a lifetime love of reading and writing. Students read and work on skills at their own levels. 

Curriculum Resources:
Kindergarten-Grade 3: Journeys, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Grade 4-5: Daily 5 program
Middle School: Collections, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Math Curriculum focuses on the essential concepts at each grade level to build in-depth understanding of major mathematical ideas. Hands-on and inquiry-driven, the curriculum teaches students how to represent solutions and explain their answers. This approach helps develop problem-solving and reasoning skills. The strong emphasis on representation and discussion opens up the world of mathematics to all learners.

Curriculum Resources:
Kindergarten-Grade 5: Into Math, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Grades 6-7: Into Math, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Grade 8: Algebra I, Holt McDougal

Science Curriculum introduces the students to the scientific method as they learn to gather data, analyze results and reach conclusions. The three major strands in science are physical science, life science, and earth science. Hands-on learning and experiments are used throughout the curriculum. All three strands are covered in Kindergarten through 5th grade. In Middle School, one strand is thoroughly taught each year (6th grade: Earth Science, 7th grade: Life Science & 8th grade: Physical Science).

Curriculum Resources:
Kindergarten-Grade 5: McGraw Hill
Grade 6: Earth Science, Savvas Realize
Grade 7: Life Science, Savvas Realize
Grade 8: Physical Science, Savvas Realize

Social Studies Curriculum helps to develop the understanding of various aspects of our community and our world. The four main strands of social studies are Citizenship and Government, Economics, Geography, and History. Students also learn about geography of our state, the United States and the world.


Curriculum Resources:
Kindergarten-Grade 5: Networks, McGraw Hill
Grade 6: Northern Lights, Minnesota Historical Society
Grade 7: Geography, Glencoe McGraw Hill
Grade 8: Eastern Hemisphere, Prentice Hall