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All About Me


Brief Bio: 
I started in the Food Service industry when I was 16 working at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Within 3 years I worked my way up to becoming a General Manager for a 4 year run. I relocated and found myself employed in the full-service side of the business for a year in the St. Louis market, becoming Operations Manager for a national fast food company with restaurants in malls that were based in the Twin Cities.This position included travel to 44 states, and the best part of that was meeting the woman I would one day marry, on a business trip to Chicago! My lovely bride, Joan, and I have been married for 32+ years! We have two sons, Casey and Luke, both in the Twin Cities.

Interesting Facts:
I owned and managed a Carbone’s Pizzeria for almost 15 years in Minnetonka before being blessed with my job at All Saints!  I've been coaching at Prior lake High School for the last 8 years. Summer fun is family time - baseball, golf, and travel!

A favorite part of my job at All Saints is getting to see the students at lunch time - a fun time. The lunch line is a great place to be able to interact with them and share all my really funny jokes with them (as they do with me!) My daily challenge is to prepare a delicious and nutritious meal I hope our students will enjoy.


Being the Athletic Director is another fun ingredient in my position here at All Saints. Helping our student athletes get opportunities to play a variety of sports with their friends - and helping them learn life lessons about competing, winning, and losing - that it’s FUN to play for your school - and that failure is never final!

Favorite Bible Verse:
Philippians 4:13 "I have the strength for everything through him who empowers me."