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Mrs. DeMaster's Blog

I am so excited to be teaching at All Saints this year.  I received my education degree from the University of Minnesota in Duluth.  I taught fulltime for eight years in- 6 years in first grade and 2 years on kindergarten- before getting married and starting a family.  My husband, Ben, and I live in Lakeville with our two boys, who attend All Saints.  When I have a little down time, I enjoy reading, running, watching movies, and spending time with my family.
I will be posting class updates each day on my page.  See the lower right corner for the current date; click on it to see what we are up to in third grade.

Recent Posts

Feburary 23, 2018

Homework for this weekend
Reading: Read for 10-15 minutes
Math: 7.12 Homework (1-6)  Remembering (1-11)
Science: Vocabulary and lesson outline for Motion and Speed due on Tuesday
Religion: Basics of Faith test on 2/28

February 22, 2018

Homework for today:
Math: 7.11 Homework (1-6)  Remembering (1-12)
Reading: read 10-15 minutes
Spelling: Test tomorrow
               Packet due tomorrow
Religion: Basics of Faith test 2/28
Science: We started a new unit on force and motion.  Students have a vocabulary and lesson outline packet for the three sections of the unit.  The vocabulary and lesson outline page for first section "Motion and Speed" are due on Tuesday.  Students will need to use the science books for this assignment and will be able to take a science book home to complete the assignment. 
We had two fun activities this week to celebrate I Love To Read month.  On Tuesday, Mrs. Kuhn came in and did an activity with the class on the book A Wrinkle in Time.  The students read excerpts from the book and summarized what they read.  Today.  We read with Mrs. Johnson's fourth  grade class.  they are experts at Daily 4 "read to someone."  We learned a lot and read a lot!

February 21, 2018

Homework for today,
Reading: Read 10-15 minutes
Math: 7.10 Homework (1-8)  Remembering (1-12)
Language Arts: Vocabulary Test Friday
Spelling: Test Friday
                Packet due Friday
Religion: Basics of Faith 2/28

February 20

Homework for today
Reading: read 10-15 minutes
Math:7.9 Homework (1-5)  Remembering (1-6)
Religion: Basics of Faith test 2/28
Language Arts: Vocabulary test on Friday
There are some dictionary skills on this Quizlet that will also be on the test.
Spelling: Test on Friday
               Packet due on Friday
List A                                           List B
shark        squeeze              skill         crime     grind     tonight
check       quart                    brick       flight      live        chill
queen      squeak                 delight    build      ditch      decide
circus       quick                    witness   wind      district   inch
flake         coldest                 sigh         fright     remind  split
crack        Africa
second     Mexico
Review Words
black       thank
Challenge words
correct      question
Please help your child empty the "Stay at Home" pocket on their take home folder.

February 16, 2018

My apologies for being away from updating my blog for the past two days.  I was out with an sick child one day and then conferences the next. 
Homework for the weekend:
Reading: Read for 10-15 minutes
Science: Study for the science test on Tuesday
We did a review in class today.  The test will be very much like it.  You can print off hard copies of any of the study sets from Quizlet.  When you select the study set you need, you should see six dot about the study options.  Select the dot will three dots in it and choose "print."  On the left the menu will give several options of how to print the information.  Scroll down to the bottom where it will say "print test" click on that.  You can customize what you want to print by clicking "options."

February 13

Homework for today:
Reading: Read for 10-15 minutes
Math: 7.6 Homework (2-7)  Remembering (1-10)
Spelling: Test Friday, packet due Friday
Religion: BOF test 2/28
Science: test on the nervous system 2/20
We will be going to mass tomorrow for Ash Wednesday.
We had a lot of fun at our Valentine's Day party!  Thank you to all who made is such a memorable time!

February 12, 2018

Homework for today:
Reading: Read for 10-15 minutes
Language Arts: vocabulary sentences
Spelling: Spelling test Friday
                Packet due Friday
List A                                       List B
age           space            west           steep       member      gleam
change     jawbone         fresh          beast       believe        freedom         
jacket       giant               speed        steam       speck         kept   
pencil       circle              cheap         pretend    greed         shelf  
once         large               least          eager        reason       chief 
dance       jeans
bounce     huge
nice    place
Challenge Words
excited      gigantic
Math: Repeated addition worksheet- One side of the work sheet says to cut the number sentences out and glue them on the sorting chart.  Just write the correct number sentence on the chart.
Tomorrow students may wear valentine colors to school.

February 9, 2018

Homework to today
Reading:  Read 10-15 minutes
Science:  We will have a test on the nervous system on February 20.  I am working on putting together a Quizlet.
Religion: Basics of Faith test om February 28
We will celebrate Valentine's day on Tuesday February 13.  Your child may pass out valentines on Tuesday. You can help your child decorate a valentine's bag or box to collect their valentines.  Bags/boxes can be brought in on Monday or Tuesday.
Next Wednesday is Ash Wednesday.  We will have mass at 8:30 on Wednesday.  There will be no school mass on Friday.
Conferences are next Thursday, February 15 and Tuesday, February 20.  Please sign up for a conference time using the link in Mrs. Margarit's newsletter.

February 8, 2018

Homework for today:
Reading: Read 10-15 minutes
Language Arts: Vocabulary sheet due tomorrow
                          Vocabulary quiz tomorrow
Math: 7.5 Homework (1-6) Remembering (1-18)
Spelling: Test tomorrow
                Packet due tomorrow
Religion: Basics of Faith 2/28
Science: Test on the nervous system 2/20

February 7, 2018

Here is our homework for today
Math: 7.4 Homework (1-4)  Remembering (1-5)
Reading: read 10-15 minutes
Language Arts: Vocabulary sheet due Friday
                          Vocabulary quiz on Friday
Spelling: Test Friday
               Packet due Friday

February 5, 2018

Homework for today:
Spelling: Test on Friday
               List A has a packet due on Friday.  I will be putting together a practice
               packet for list B which will also be due on Friday.
List A                                 List B
air       care                   blade         gray       sale         hang
wear    pear                  afraid         magic     stain       glass
chair    pair                    past           delay     raft          jail
stairs   share                 amaze      drain       crayon    fact
bare     bear                   maybe     break      stale        stake
near     ear                         
hair      beard
buy         year
earring    compare
Reading: Read 10-15 minutes
                Vocabulary quiz on Friday- invention, experiment, laboratory,
                genius, gadget, electric, signal, occasional
Math: We will have a quiz in math on Friday on multiplying by 2 and 5.  Practice charts were sent home today. 
Social Studies: Test on Wednesday

February 1, 2018

February 1st! WOW! 
Our special project today was making cards for the number of priests and deacons who have been part of All Saints.  The students did a great job!
Tomorrow we are in uniform for mass.  We will be honoring our many Mission Partners.
Homework for today:
Reading: Read for 10-15 minutes
Spelling: Test tomorrow
               Spelling packet due tomorrow
Social Studies:  Test next Wednesday
We will have all school BINGO tomorrow afternoon.  Tomorrow is the last day to send in food for our food drive.

January 31, 2018

We spent time this afternoon sorting all of the birthday supplies and organizing them to bring to the food shelf.  The students also made birthday cards.  Thank you for your generous donations to this project.
Homework for tomorrow:
Reading: Read for 10-15 minutes
Math: 7.1 Homework (1-8) We have made it to multiplication!
                Remembering (1-9)
Spelling: Test Friday
               Packet due Friday
Tomorrow is Day Break with Dad- Come and enjoy a donut with your child and share a decade of the Rosary with our school!
Students may wear their favorite sports jersey tomorrow or dress like their future vocation.

January 30, 2018

Homework for today:
Reading: Read for 10-15 minutes
Spelling: Test Friday
               Spelling packet due Friday
Tomorrow is red, white and blue day.  Students may wear the colors red, white and blue.  We will be putting together our birthday bags tomorrow.  Many thanks for all of the generous donations! We will continue to collect food for the food shelf all week.

January 29, 2018

I'm sorry to have missed all of the moms who came of Morning with Mom.
We enjoyed a great volley ball game between the teachers/staff and the eighth grade.
Tomorrow is Wacky Dress Day.
We will continue to collect for our birthday bags.
Our school wide food drive will continue through the week.
Homework for today:
Math: We will have our math test on the last section of chapter 5 tomorrow.
We will begin our chapter on  multiplication this week.
Spelling: Test on Friday
               Packet due on Friday
List A                                       List B
nurse      curly                 apple           later
work        dirt                   river             November
shirt        third                  little             giggle 
hurt         worry               October       uncle
first         turn                   ladder         winter
word       stir                    summer      center
serve      firm                   purple         double
Review words
her        girl
Challenge (optional)
perfect          hamburger