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Welcome to Kindergarten!

With almost two thirds of the academic year under their belts the kinders are growing in skills and confidence.  It is such a joy to see their smiling faces with each new milestone met.  Here is what we will be working on this month:

Reading  - Our fifth unit is about how things change when someone is growing up.  Skills covered are:  infer/predict, visualizing, drawing conclusions, summarizing, Author's Purpose and word choice, and sequence of events.  We have 24 new sight/high frequency words to learn in this unit: make, play, say, them, give, new, said, was, then, good, ate, could, she, over, her, all, when, some, he, away, must, no, by, there.  We are mastering blend/segment onset and rime and blend phonemes (sound out words) skills.  Our main focus is on vowel sounds, both long and short, and blending words.

Math  -  In March we will be working on addition, subtraction, decomposing numbers, problem solving, place value, and teen numbers.

Religion - We are learning about the Ten Commandments and Lent.

Science - Human Body

Our next science unit will cover health and the human body.  We begin by learning our body has external and internal parts.  Next we learn about the brain and nervous system followed by the heart, lungs and respiratory system.  After that we will explore the bones and muscles.  Finally we will cover the digestive system.  Sprinkled in among the various systems will be dental health and the importance of sleep, nutrition, and exercise. This is a long unit that will take us into February. 

Vocabulary:  skin    chest    abdomen    heart    lungs    diaphragm   stomach   intestines    cerebrum   cerebellum    brain stem          nerves    oxygen    windpipe   inhale    exhale    sinuses     saliva     esophagus    circulation    skeleton    joints   muscles   tendon

 Social Studies:  We are learning about President's Day, Chinese New Year, and the Olympics.


Special Events

February 19 - No school - President's Day

February 20 - Conferences  3-7 p.m.- Out of Uniform/Caps for Community/Culver's Day

February 27 - Spirit Wear Day