Fourth Grade at All Saints


“Guiding children to Christ through Faith, Learning, Community, and Service.”




Fourth grade is a fun year filled with many changes, challenges and new responsibilities! 

  • In religion we learn about the sacraments and God’s plan for us.
  • Science is filled with learning the scientific method, rocks and minerals, the water cycle and much more.
  • In Social Studies we study the state of Minnesota and all the regions of the United States, along with learning the 50 states.
  • Math class takes all the concepts we have learned and applies them to geometry, multiplication and division. 
  • Language Arts is based on reading books that are just right for each student. We do three novel studies and practice many forms of writing.


Fourth Grade Highlights:

  • Serving Lunch
  • Band
  • Performing a play for the Kindergarten classes
  • Cleaning the church for our parishioners.