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Fourth Grade at All Saints


“Guiding children to Christ through Faith, Learning, Community, and Service.”


4th Grade is all about learning and challenging yourself to achieve more!! 
4th Grade Curriculum
READING/ENGLISH: During language arts, students will spend time each day reading books of interest to them at their own reading level and also writing. During this time, teachers conference with students one on one and work with small reading groups on comprehension, accuracy, fluency and vocabulary. Each day the whole group will receive one or two focus lessons in the areas of comprehension, accuracy, fluency and vocabulary. We call this our CAFÉ. Students will also be instructed in and practice correct grammar usage and mechanics which will be reinforced in many writing projects.
MATH: Students will begin the year with a review of place value, rounding, and comparing large numbers. From there, students move to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We also work on decimal, fractions, and geometry. Lessons are taught daily and work time is given for students to begin their assignments and get assistance when needed. We also work on several problem-solving strategies. This is a very developmental skill, which can be challenging for some students.
SPELLING: The spelling curriculum is based on spelling patterns. At the beginning of each week students will be given a pretest. This pretest determines the number of words they will be accountable for during the week. Students should practice their spelling words both in homework, and practice tests at home.
SCIENCE/HEALTH: The 4th graders will cover three units in science this year: The Human Immune System (Life Science), Rocks, Minerals, and The Water Cycle (Earth Science), and Properties of Matter and Energy (Physical Science). One quarter of Science will be devoted to Health. In health we study nutrition.
SOCIAL STUDIES: Fourth grade students will focus on these components in Social Studies this year: a study of the State of Minnesota, followed by Government, Economics, Geography, History, and Regions of the United States. Culminating with a unit on all 50 states.
RELIGION: The fourth grade Religion curriculum covers a variety of topics, including the Liturgy, Church Holidays, Vocations, the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, the Gifts of The Holy Spirit, and the Seven Sacraments. The students will also participate in at least one Reconciliation Service and Eucharistic Adoration. Each fourth-grade class will participate in group prayer several times a day. Also, the students will complete five Basics of Faith units of study. You will receive more information about this from your child’s teacher.
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