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All Saints Middle School

“Guiding children to Christ through Faith, Learning, Community, and Service.”




     All Saints Middle School is a Catholic community that fosters lifelong learners through rigorous faith-filled academic, artistic, and athletic programs. We focus on the development of the whole child while nurturing their individual talents. Our content- rich curriculum is taught by extremely qualified professional educators, dedicated to Catholic education. Our Christ focused atmosphere inspires students to live the Gospel, achieve their highest academic potential and actively serve and enrich the community. All Saints Middle School students score above average on nationally standardized exams and are praised for their high school readiness. Our desire is to graduate young men and women who are equipped with the social, intellectual, moral, and cultural skills necessary to assume a responsible role in life.

Highlights of All Saints Middle School:
  • 6/7 grade Eagle Bluff Field Trip
  • Friday Falcon Time (Community Meeting)
  • Service
    • Care-A-Thon
    • Feed My Starving Children
    • Faithful Falcons - Year-long service commitment
  • Retreats
    • Advent
    • Lenten
    • 8th grade
  • STEM Fair
  • Living Stations
  • Spring/Christmas Plays
  • Valley Fair Field Trip
  • 7/8 grade Washington D.C.

Student's Top 10 Reasons to Attend All Saints Middle School:

  1. Faith: School, church, community are all tied to the Catholic Faith. We plant seeds of continued faith development.
  2. Rigorous Academics: There are high academic standards with small class instruction with a focus on being prepared for high school. Enriched curriculum, math masters, and challenge math classes.
  3. Community: There are small class sizes. The middle school staff is able to guide all students individually through their academics during sometimes challenging developmental years. Students have an opportunity to create and sustain lifelong friendships. 
  4. Excellence in Teaching: Middle School faculty has an average of 20 years of experience, plus lessons from Bill Chin, our master chef!
  5. Enrichment Classes: Music, art, technology, health, Spanish, physical education are all integrated into the middle school curriculum.
  6. Extra Curricular Activities: Band, athletics, robotics, choir, and the school play are offered. Students have many options to participate in a variety of activities that create well rounded individuals.
  7. Life Lessons/Character Development: Religion, advisory, priest visits, reconciliation, weekly student lead school mass, daily prayer, and seasonal religious retreats give us many opportunities to learn and grow.
  8. Leadership Opportunities: Students interact in the school environment together allowing many leadership opportunities through planned activities and daily interactions such as: leading Mass, weekly meetings, interdisciplinary unit, and service projects.
  9. MAP Scores: Our middle school programs provides a rigorous overall academic curriculum. MAP test results consistently show our reading and math placement scores above the national norms. We produce scores that are competitive with or higher than our local district partners.
  10. No Stress Dress: Uniforms are at the peak of current fashion and offer the unique opportunity for later wake-up times and no worries about issues between parents and children about what can be worn to school.