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A little bit about me

Brief Bio:
I’ve been teaching at All Saints School for 27 years! The time has flown by so quickly! I’ve taught 5th grade, preschool, library, 6th grade, kindergarten and now 4TH GRADE. This is my seventh year in 4th grade and I love it! I went to the University of St. Thomas where I earned my BA in Education with a minor in Speech Communication. I’d love to earn my master’s degree if I could find the time! I have three children Isabelle, Luke, and Grace. My favorite things to do to are: run, read, cook, coach, sing karaoke with my kids, garden, teach, and catch up with my friends.

Fun Facts:
My idea of a perfect day is having nothing scheduled on the calendar so that I can relax and play with my big kiddos.
I’ve managed several political campaigns and am also a wedding coordinator.
I read like crazy over the summer and on long school breaks.
I run almost everyday!!
My three favorite travel destinations are: Alaska, Hawaii & the North Shore of Northern Minnesota.

Favorite Bible Verse:
“As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15

Favorite Quote:
“Do small things with great love.” Saint Teresa of Calcutta