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Week of Feb. 26-March 2

Week of Feb. 26-March 2:


  • Reading Story- “The Big Trip” and “Lewis and Clark’s Big Trip”
  • Skill- compare and contrast and dialogue
  • Grammar- compound sentences
  • Phonics-vowel pairs -ee and -ea, e-consonant e pattern, final -ng and-nk
  • Writing- Students will write about a place where they’d like to travel
  • High Frequency Words- there, by, sure, could, don’t, car, about, maybe


  • Story problems with comparisons
  • Measurement with inches
  • Measurement tables
  • Comparison and rotation of shapes

Religion- We continue to learn about the season of Lent as we work on our Stations of the Cross booklet and our Lenten chain of Good deeds.

Science-  Students will learn about the saguaro cactus: What lives in and around it and the lifecycle of it.

Social Studies- Students will continue to work on map skills by working on a classroom map and locating the title, compass rose, map key, symbols and cardinal directions.

Important Dates:

Tuesday, February 27-Spirit Day

Week of Feb. 15th

The Week of February 15th, 2018


  • Reading Story- Let’s Go to the Moon! and  Mae Jemison
  • Strategy & Skill Focus and Details- Main Idea & Details and Author’s Purpose
  • Grammar- Question sentences
  • Phonics- Long /o/ (CVCe, CV) and long /u/ (CVCe) introduce suffixes -y, -ful
  • Writing – Narrative writing



  • Construct quick graphs and compare data
  • Interpret graphs with multiple rows
  • Use terms most and fewest to compare graphed data
  • Collect classroom data and create graphs with multiple rows
  • Express comparisons using appropriate terms
  • Create student generated graphs

Religion- Students will be completing a Stations of the Cross booklet during the season of Lent. We will be making footprints with some Lenten goals. As a class, we will work on shortening a 40-link chain as Easter grows near.  We will take off one link each day. On each link there is something to work on for that day.

Science-  Students will continue to learn about the Sonoran Desert.

Social Studies We are starting a new unit on geography.  We will learn basic map elements and find them on the maps. 


*Monday, Feb. 19th, no school, Presidents Day

*Tuesday, Feb. 20th, Out of Uniform, Caps, and Culvers & Conferences from 3pm-7pm

*Thank you for the valentines and sweet treats. We both had wonderful parties. Our “mission partners” are the best!


We decorated prayer boxes and wrote prayers to go inside.😇
Thank you to all who helped with this wonderful party!
We had a great Valentine’s Day party, This group made Cheerio heart-shaped bird treats.
First grade students decorated their valentine boxes on Friday. They had to “buy” what they wanted to put on them. Creative juices were flowing! ❤️😍

Week of February 12-16

Week of Feb. 12-16:


  • We will be working on our unit benchmark test this week.
  • Writing- Poetry


  • We are also at the end of math unit, so we will be reviewing and taking the unit 5 test
  • Our next unit focuses on comparisons and data formats
  • We will be starting with simple graphs and comparisons
  • Making picture graph to compare
  • Making a quick graph to compare

Religion- Since it is the beginning of Lent, Father Wilson is coming to talk to us about Lent.  We will learn about Ash Wednesday and go to Mass Wednesday to participate in the Ash Wednesday Mass.  One of the projects we will do during Lent is to bury the Alleluia.  We will make a banner to “bury” and then take it out to celebrate Easter after our 40 days of Lent. We will continue in our text learning about the Holy Spirit.

Science- The Sonoran Desert continues to be our focus. We are moving from wildlife into the different vegetation.

Social Studies- We will be reviewing and taking our unit test on our unit about People and Traditions.

Important Dates:

Monday, February 12-Feb. and August birthday celebration-students with birthdays in those months, may be out of uniform

Tuesday, February 13- Valentines are due because our Valentine parties are in the afternoon. 

Wednesday, February 14-Ash Wednesday Mass, so there will be no Friday Mass.

Thursday, February 15 and Tuesday, February 20- conferences

***If you haven’t signed up for conferences, here is the link

Monday, February 19-No School