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Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

Parent Advisory Committee


The PAC consists of parents from each of our preschool classes who meet with the Preschool Director to give feedback, plan events and share ideas regarding All Saints Catholic Preschool. The group meets the first Thursday morning of each month for about 1-1 ½ hours.


Some of the activities organized or supported by the PAC are:  All Saints Festival, food drive collections, Armful of Love- Christmas outreach program, family potlucks, parent bulletin board, monthly play dates, fundraising label collection, teacher gifts, Parish Gala fundraiser.


We would love to welcome new members so let us know if you are interested.  Childcare is available during the monthly meetings for children age 1 and older. Reservations for childcare must be made at by 6:00pm the Wednesday prior, please include the number of children needing care and their ages.  (Those children under 1 are welcome at the meeting. J)


Dates for meetings: 2021-2022 (Thursdays at 8:15am in Teacher’s Lounge) are as follows:


Sept. 16                                  Feb. 1- Tuesday this month

Oct. 7                                      March 3

Nov. 11                                   April 7

Dec. 2                                     May 5

Jan. 6                                     


Potluck Dates ~ Sundays from 4-5:30pm:


Oct. 10

April 10